Mandalas are cool. On this site, mandalas are like descriptive diagrams - only with a level of artistic abiguity that allows them to stand as both art and information. The difference between a diagram and a mandala is thus identical to the difference between a sign and a symbol, discussed elsewhere on this site in the essay Content + Context = Meaning. That difference being defined by the amount of explanation given... or taken, by anyone viewing either diagram or mandala. Thus it is that a mandala holds knowledge. But as with all symbolic language a "key" of explanation is required to unlock the mysteries. Most of the mandalas on this site have text to explain what each artistic element is supposed to represent. This page is here to help you find these mandalas, which are scattered here there and everywhere around this site. They are presented in no particular order... just find one that looks interesting and read what it's about.

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Cosmic Engine

This mandala illustrates
the consumption of nothing by something.

Two Simple Steps

Two simple points of logic
create something out of nothing.


This mandala also apperas on the front page of this site. This link, however, takes you to an essay that explains why there are only nine numbers to numerology.

Cloud to Rock

This mandala also appears in the introduction to the book All Things Are Numbers. This link, however, takes you to the essay on archetypes to illustrate how archetypes are clothed by humans.

Magnificent Mandala
of Multiple Manifestations

This mandala is a visual summation of several models used throughout this site to clothe ineffable ideas.

Transcient, Yin Yang,
Sine Wave, Mobius

This mandala combines several ideas together that all have to do with the cyclical nature of events in time.

Four Suit

This mandala is inspired by the idea of viewing the Pythagorean Tetractys in pyramidial form, and viewing the sides of a pyramid as representations of any quaternary such as suits in a tarot deck or seasons of a year.


This mandala illustrates how the Pythagorean Tetractys, after having its numerical sequence modified from that of tradition, can reveal special features about certain numbers that have connections to unity and duality.

Matrix, Math, Suit Sign

This mandala illustrates how a number line can be logically subdivided to create a tarot deck with four logically related suits that give life to the four operations of mathematics

Fractal Quaternary

This mandala illustrates how all cards relates to each other as expressions of a fundmental quaternary.

Bifurcating Fractal Tree

This mandala illustrates
the fractal nature of subdividing roots into branches and leaves of tarot.

Be Gray Every Day

This mandala illustrates the importance of neutrality amid duelling contexts.

Cosmic Wheel

The mandala illustrates the necessary exclusion and absent nature of The Absentia.


This is a mandala that you need to print out and fold down to appreciate fully. It is several mandalas in one, but they are only apparent when folded together.

Mood Ring

This mandala uses the five catagories of a Quinagram to help determine someone's mood

Cloud and Canopy

This mandala illustrates how the individual cards of a tarot deck can be viewed as a canopy of leaves with archetypal roots below.

Cosmic Reconcilliation

This mandala illustrates how the model of existence being put forth on this site can reconcile the duality of unity found within The Absentia.

Nothing is Anything &
Everything is Nothing

Is there one reality,
or different realities?

Undulation and Alternation

This mandala is about
the varying frequencies
of cosmic vibration.

Cycles of a Line

This mandala reveals the fractal nature of a number line

Mutually Assured Creation

This mandala illustrates the paradox of a dual singularity.

Fourfold Unity Fourfold Universe

A fourfold trinity of binary unity becomes a tetractys.

Wheel Within a Wheel

A day is as a year.

Quintagram Quilt

This mandala is actually a functional
table for determining which Quintagram
was acquired when using random
methods to generate binary decisions.

6 is 9 Mandala

This mandala is for visualizing the idea of and invertible universe. It is also used to visualize the idea of chakras or Wave Nodes, and how invertible they are.


Just one possible recipe
for purification of the soul.


What are my options?

Paradox in the Lotus

Bodies die, cosmic unity survives,
nothing in life matters.

Grand Scheme of Things

Should we ALWAYS consider
EVERYTHING... in the grand scheme
of things... so that nothing ever matters?

Perpetual Collapse of
Cosmic Consciousness into Focus

Are there varying degrees of reality?

White, Black, Gray

Moderation... in moderation.

Holy Grail of Gray

Do not focus on opposites. Do not abandon opposites. Use opposites!

Lingam and Yoni

Imagination is every bit as important as knowledge.

The Way

Some people go this way, some people go that way, some people go both ways!

Grand Cosmic Eye

Straightforward, focused vision and subtle, peripheral "vision" together as one, are the most transformative of all.


Half a line is as good as a whole line.

Died on His Side

Is our Binary Buddy really a Binary Buddha? Worship this, not that.

E = MC2 or C2M = E!

Can the theoretical model of existence being presented everywhere on this site describe laws of physics?

Cosmic Vortex Labyrinth

Walk the path!

All words and images Copyright © 1980 - 2016 by Guy Palm

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