The Totality of Reality

Canopy Mandala

In this mandala, a cloud of probability lies at the center, waiting to be turned into a particle of certainty by the perceptions of humans creating signs, symbols, words, notes, icons and types. Between the cloud and the symbols lie pathways of etymology that lead us through the canopy toward the archetypal essence of each icon.

Perpetual Collapse Mandala

Human perception might change reality, but does human perception create reality, or is it possible for waves of possibility to collapse into particles of probability without the perception or presence of humans... creating a reality that has existed long before human brains and conscious minds ever came along, and will continue on long after the last human mind has dissolved back into the Cosmic Consciousness from which we all came?

"By the laws of physics of this universe, a gravitationally collapsing cloud of hydrogen gas will, if large enough, reach a critical point of pressurre to cause those hydrogen atoms to fuse into helium atoms and give off heat and light in the process, and it would do so even if there were not a single mind in the entirre cosmos to observe it" -- Michael Shermer, The Believing Brain

One Reality Diagram

Take the time to figure out what this diagram is saying. It's important. Then... go to the essay Content + Context = Meaning, to learn how humans span the gap between generality and specificity with symbols and signs drawn on little pieces of paper called a tarot deck. Then... go to the essay Numbers in Space, to learn about Quintagrams and how they can be used to focus our consciousness into an understanding of what we THINK we "KNOW" about reality... life, the universe and everything. THEN... go read the book All Things Are Numbers, to understand why there are two Absentias and how they represent one thing in two places! THEN!... read the essay The Accordionistic Dovetail Joint to learn how a fragmented reality and a unified reality can be superimposed together to describe the same thing in different ways.

The reality we see develops out of a reality we don't see, like a photograph developing in a darkroom. The non-apparent becomes apparent. All one reality.

Not all philosophy is focused upon trying to know the unknowable. Some philosophies focus on what it is to be Human. Usually the emphasis is on what it is to be a GOOD human. Thus, the complementary spectrum of reality that is defined by Quaintagrams offers a way to translate archetypal, and perhaps even unknowable influences into human states of consciousness for those interested in exploring ways in which to be a GOOD human.

Nothing Twisted Mandala

Explain it and you drain it.

The model of existence that is being presented and described everywhere on this site is about Anything & Everything. Beyond that is Nothing. Through the potential of a point... Nothing becomes Anything. Through the stages of our model... Anything becomes Everything. Through the universality of a sphere... Everything becomes Nothing (a point in every direction is the same as no point at all). Anything & Everything are two descriptions of Something. Something that is Nothing. Therefore... Nothing is Anything & Everything is Nothing. While at the same time... Anything & Everything stand as a logical opposite to Nothing.

This mandala is more interesting than it might appear at first glance. What makes it special is how it communicates multiple messages using two levels of perception that some might not even be aware of using or having. In this way, it uses a compelling crossed symmetry to communicate these messages. For example: On the one hand, if read verbally (with our left brain), it informs us of the wholistic (right brained) way of things. While, if read visually (with our right brain), it informs us of the analytical (left brained) way of things!

Nothing is Anything & Everything is Nothing.
Illusion is Reality & Reality is Illusion.
Untwist the Twisted & Twist the Untwisted!

Nowhere is now here!

The Origin of Specious
By Guy Palm

In the beginning, there was no beginning.
From that, nothing could emerge.
Thus... something happened.

Something happened to nothing.
Because, nothing lasts forever.
So nothing changed.

Nothing changed into something.
Allowing something to change.
Thus... something could be.

Something could be anywhere.
Because anywhere is everywhere.
Making anywhere nowhere.

Anywhere nowhere is now here.
Allowing nowhere to go.
Thus... nowhere is anything.

Nowhere is anything permanent.
Because anything goes.
Making anything into everything.

Anything into everything is all we know.
Allowing everything to be.
Thus... everything ultimately is.

Everything ultimately is here.
Because ultimately, nothing changed.
Meaning ultimately things begin.

Things begin to end.
To that end, something begins.
Thus... in the end, there is no end.

The End

All words and images Copyright © 1980 - 2016 by Guy Palm

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