In the world of Zen thought, teachers use something called a Koan to instruct students on how to think about things as ineffable as the roots of all thought and knowledge. Many of these come in the form of a verse, some are just stories or parables. All are designed to break down dualistic thinking. Some focus on the unity of nothingness. Some use paradox to focus more on the unobtainable status of what some philosophies consider The Ultimate Reality.

This study of tarot also encounters the problem of words getting in the way of pure, first-hand experience of the ineffable. So - even though I do not profess to have any talent as a writer or poet - I decided to create a page where I could deposit any random notions, or accidental insights, whether in verse or parable, that I think might point to the nature of the ineffable (or the effable) with as few words as possible.

Some of these texts will point to how I think I think, when "see" what I think I've seen, regarding both the ineffable and the effable. Some will be direct and straightforward. Some will be obscure. Some are meant to support popular ideas. Others are meant to question or challnege popular ideas, as a way of suggesting how we might benefit by looking at things another way. I leave it up to you to figure out which ones are which.

You may also see some of these embedded within the text of other pages, as a means of emphasizing a particular point.

Enjoy :-)


The Origin of Specious
By Guy Palm

In the beginning, there was no beginning.
From that, nothing could emerge.
Thus... something happened.

Something happened to nothing.
Because, nothing lasts forever.
So nothing changed.

Nothing changed into something.
Allowing something to change.
Thus... something could be.

Something could be anywhere.
Because anywhere is everywhere.
Making anywhere nowhere.

Anywhere nowhere is now here.
Allowing nowhere to go.
Thus... nowhere is anything.

Nowhere is anything permanent.
Because anything goes.
Making anything into everything.

Anything into everything is all we know.
Allowing everything to be.
Thus... everything ultimately is.

Everything ultimately is here.
Because ultimately, nothing changed.
Meaning ultimately things begin.

Things begin to end.
To that end, something begins.
Thus... in the end, there is no end.

The End


by Guy Palm

What some would have us believe to be a fragmentary illusion of a bullet
passed through the fragmentary illusion of a brain.

What some consider to beThe Ultimate Reality, was not affected.


Finding Our Way
by Guy Palm

With half an eye
We see a lie
In which we die
And so we cry

With fuller sight
We end the plight
By which we fight
For ultimate height

With both ears hearing
And both eyes peering
We find a clearing
To which we're veering

By being gray
We save the day
With no more to say
Because, we've found The Way


by Guy Palm

What some would have us believe to be a fragmentary Illusion of humans
created the fragmentary illusion of pollution.
Which ended the fragmentary illusion of planet Earth.

What will be the next illusion?


by Guy Palm

When impossible,
all is possible.


Believe in Doubt
by Guy Palm

If we choose to doubt
that any doubt
is good,

then we are of doubt
and that doubt
is good.


by Guy Palm

What some would have us believe to be a fragmentary illusion of a human
was using the fragmentary illusion of eyes
to scan the superficial, transitory rhetoric of words
in the fragmentary illusion of a book.

The words made her frown.

Suddenly, she was un-enlightened.


by Guy Palm

I can't hurt you
Because you don't exist
nor do I have a fist.


She Doesn't Have Legs
by Guy Palm

One day, what some consider to be a fragmentary illusion of humans, lost in a world of duality, took up sides and waged a war.

For one, her fragmentary illusion of Self was altered
by the removal of what were arbitrarily labeled by society and language as legs.
Her illusion of legs could not be imagined back.

Where did those legs run off to anyway?


Not Me
by Guy Palm

Since I don't exist,
I won't exist, again...

... and again ...

... and again ...


Be My Slave
by Guy Palm

What some would have us believe to be a fragmentary illusion of a human
under the delusion that it exists,
ordered another illusion, which he thought to exist, to be his slave.

The other fragmentary illusion of a human
who knew he did not exist,
could not argue, and thereby create a dualtiy.

So he lived as a slave
until the illusion that society and language arbitrarily and mistakenly calls death
ended the illusion of both of them.


Neither Mind
by Guy Palm

Empty of mind.
No duality allowed.

To a point of infinite neither.

You hinder no one.
You are of no help to anyone.

You harm no one.
You are no good to anyone.

You use no one.
You are of no use to anyone.


by Guy Palm

What some would have us believe to be a fragmented illusion of a human
arbitrarily identified by society and language as a student
asked a fragmented illusion of a human, arbitrarily identified by society and language as a teacher
"How are you?"

The teacher said
"I am fine, thank you for asking"

Suddenly, they were both un-enlightened.


by Guy Palm

Only in absence
is presence confirmed.


Nothing Eats Itself
by Guy Palm

What some would have us believe to be a fragmented illusion of a tiger encountered the fragmented illusion of a human.
The tiger approached the human with open jaws.
Because the human and the tiger are just illusory projections of what some consider to be an Ultimate Reality,
the human did not fear being eaten.

So, the fragmented illusion of a human was eaten
by the fragmented illusion of the tiger.

Which mattered not to either,
or the Ultimate Reality.


Blown Away
by Guy Palm

Erased by time
and blown away.

Then, reincarnated?


Drunk Driver
by Guy Palm

What some would have us believe to be a fragmented illusion of a human
altered the perceptions of his illusory sense of mind.

His motion through the illusion of space and time became erratic.

Other illusions of reality were eliminated by his path.

But there was no damage,
because nothing exists
for anything to happen.


One Less Monk
by Guy Palm

For 36 illusionary years, what some consider to be the fragmented illusion of a human sat meditating in silence,
within the fragmented illusion of a room,
within the fragmented illusion of a monastery.

He was not fooled by the illusions of Life.

He forgot dualities,
he forgot himself.

Eventually he was enlightened.

Then, the fragmented illusion of his body went away... and was forgotten.


by Guy Palm

If... into each one's life no rain should ever fall,
crops dry up!


Neither is Not
by Guy Palm

Everything is, or is not.

Humanity either "is" or "is not"

Divinity neither "is" nor "is not"

Being either is being "is."

Being neither is being "is not."


Make The World Go Away
by Guy Palm

Don't make me to be, or not to be.
Don't make me into this, or that.
Don't put me here, or there.

No dualities, please.
Make the world go away.

Empty of mind, in ultimate neither.
Deny there is good, deny there is bad.

Then, I'll be happy... not sad.


Letting go
by Guy Palm

Untie and unite.


History and Mystery
by Guy Palm

History and Mystery
Is that all that
Tarot will every be?


Diminishing Returns
by Guy Palm

My thoughts
I think
I wake up.
And write it all down!


Do Be Do Be Do
by Guy Palm

Do nothing and be anything
Do anythng and be something
Do something and be everything
Do everything and be nothng


No Is

Not Having Anything is Everything.


by Guy Palm

Believe Everything
But Don't
Believe Everything


by Guy Palm



The Feeback Loop of Consciousness
by Guy Palm

Collect the dots
Connect the dots
Once connected
Also collected
Collected collections
Connected connections
to be...

Thus, the mind reels.


Do What You Are What You Do
by Guy Palm

Everything you are
Determines what you do

Everything you do
Determines who you are

You become what you are
You are what you become

Impress the expressive
Express the impressive


Perfect Thought
by Guy Palm

Let GO of the rational.
Let GO of the irrational.


Look Out for that Dream!
by Guy Palm

then what...
wake up?
or no...
dream on?
except... wait...


Leave it be
by Guy Palm

That fly will die
And I won't cry.
Not even a sigh.
Just say goodbye.


Just Do It
by Guy Palm

If no one
can do it.
Become no one
and do it.


Paradox as a Pair o' Docks
by Guy Palm

Beyond the fast
Beyond the slow
Unique in form, special in flow

Never emptied
Never filled
Either way, can't be killed

Beyond the large
Beyond the small
From any view, more or less all

Whether here
Whether there
Can only be one, as a pair

Between the two
A web like lace
Paradoxically contained, by a place without a place

Life and death
In absentia


Always a Choice
by Guy Palm

To be or not to be, in duality or unity.
That is the question.
Suffer with choice, and have a voice?
To Do?
Or instead do naught, without a thought?
To Be?


Be Straightforward Subtle
by Guy Palm

When we follow the subtle
without re'buttal,
it's a world view
with a drastic skew.

While being straightforward
to the letter
may in the end
be no better.

The message to send
is to look for a blend,
both in word and in art
be they never apart.


The Absentia

It is
What it is
When it isn't



More to come...

All words and images Copyright © 1980 - 2016 by Guy Palm

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