[A7] CONSECRATION: The Blessed Guru:
Card of Compassion and Piety

Sanctuary, solace, comfort, savior
In human culture of every flavor
Spiritual transport, religious deed
Imaginary chariot, imaginary steed

A dignified ecclesiastic is preaching
A religious pantheist is praying

With religious symbols orbiting his mind, The Blessed Guru hovers above the ground in a meditative state. He ponders the one common goal of all religions, connection to the divine. He is at peace. He is connected.

The roses remind us of this card’s association to the color red and to it’s equidistant connection to the number 3. In this card, the main rose is exalted with a scepter and wreath symbolizing victory. This is the card of “arrival” at a turning point. It’s not the end, it is the threshold to the end. He is poised.

The Guru sits atop a magic carpet to symbolize the idea of spiritual transport. He is being transported spiritually beyond the threshold of reality into the world of dreams. He is a conduit.

When he returns from his spiritual journey, after his epiphany, he will tell you of his visions, ideas and other numinous wonders. He will build an entire religion around these ideas and his consecrated state. He will be a comfort to many.

7 of [+] The Credible Realization
7 of [X] The Pure Synthesis
[A3/7] The Peaceful Tunnel

Antonym: [D7] DESECRATION: The Wretched Heathen
Transonym: [A3] ADORATION: The Winsome Beauty
Varonym: [Reverse] IDOLIZATION: The Deified Fetish
Proxonym: < or >


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