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The Braindead Cadaver:
-- Moronic and Dangerous

Ominous presage, foreboding fate
Nebulous, oblivious, nullifying state
Vacuous abyss, no thought in head
Doom, damnation, bemoan the dead

An insane looking girl drives a sword right through her head! It’s o.k. though, she’s a zombie, she’s already dead.

She is a nebulous presence if there ever was one. Her brain is null and empty. Her eyes are ominous. She has no brain, she is stupid.

She is truly bereft of all life. She is deranged. She is grievous. Cryptic symbols swirl above her head in a mass of confusion. She is damned. And we are doomed if we pay her any mind.

A Cerebral Mind in a Cerebral Family.

Braindead, because, like the 1 of [ / ] she is a nebulous presence void of thought.
Cadaver, because, like the 9 of [ / ] she is damned to hell.

Moronic, because, like the 1 of [ / ] her head is full of inanity.
Dangerous, because, like the 9 of [ / ] she brings doom.

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Varonym: [Reverse] The Monastic Celibate
Proxonym: >


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