1 of [+] Diamonds
The Fast Beginning:
-- Acute & Sparking

Spark! igniting, elsewise fading
Commencing, resolute and instigating
Acute potential into life bringing
Conception into life springing

Acute potential commencing
Operative conception sparking

A boy showing us a tiny seed in his outstreached hand. Buds of Spring on threes. Flowers in bloom. An early bird catching a worm. A rabbit running by. A grasshopper about to jump. A spermatoza, is on its way, fast as can be. A starter's gun goes off.

This will be the start of something big. You will be the first. You will run circles around everyone else. Things will happen real fast.

Survival is key. Move fast. Think fast. Think big. Think first. Analyze the situation. Go! Get started now!

Once begun is half done.
The early bird caches the worm.

[A1] The Jinni
[A1/9] The Bright Light

Antonym: 1 of [--] The Slow Beginning
Coronym: 1 of [X] The Nascent State
Transonym: 9 of [+] The Affirmative End
Varonym: [Reverse] Exaggerate
Proxonym: >



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Key: [+] = Addition-Diamonds-Coins ... [X] = Multiplication-Hearts-Cups ... [--] = Subtraction-Clubs-Staves ... [ / ] = Division-Spades-Swords

[A] = Ameliorate Major ... [D] = Deteriorate Major

Antonym = Meanings that are opposite in an investive vs. divestive way e.g. [+] to [--], or [X] to [ / ]
Coronym = Meanings that correlate in a quantitative vs. qualitative way e.g. [+] & [X], or [--] & [ / ]
Transonym = Meanings that are equidistantly similar i.e. from the same sphere of influence, e.g. 1&9, or 2&8, or 3&7, or 4&6
Varonym = Meanings that are variable across a spectrum of possibilities that exists across antonymous cards in their upright & reversed states
Proxonym = Meanings that evolve seqentially across each suit from one card to the next

The Numerical Tarot by Guy and Charlene Palm

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