[A3] ADORATION: The Beauty:
Agent of Comfort and Gentility

Graceful form, flowers in hair
Face of perfection, beyond compare
Body with skin, soft and smooth
Voice with lilt, prone to sooth

A winsome paragon is caressing
A delightful aesthetic is emoting

A Beauty from a lush tropical paradise takes joy in the fragrance of a delicate flower. Sacred creations of the gentle crafting of nature. She is nature incarnate. She is perfect. She is art. She is love. She is kind and merciful. With her you are happy. She will make you comfortable. She will wash you clean. You will bond.

An Artist with aptitude and sensitivity will feel the love of beauty. O to achieve that same perfection in one's craft. Talent and agility will cultivate a form. Hands will caress and polish. Nuance will be preserved. Oneness between artist and model will occur. Feelings will be expressed. Pleasure will be felt by all.

This is a card for creative people who care.

3 of [+] The Refined Creation
3 of [X] The Perfect Bond
[A3/7] The Peaceful Tunnel

Antonym: [D3] ABOMINATION: The Beast
Transonym: [A7] CONSECRATION: The Saint
Varonym: [Reverse] ADULATION: The Diva
Proxonym: < or >



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Key: [+] = Addition-Diamonds-Coins ... [X] = Multiplication-Hearts-Cups ... [--] = Subtraction-Clubs-Staves ... [ / ] = Division-Spades-Swords

[A] = Ameliorate Major ... [D] = Deteriorate Major

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