[D1] PORTENT: The Jinx:
Agent of Fortune and Fate

Voodoo trickster, trifle with fate
Spin his wheel, take his bait
Crazy fool jumps around
So much noise, yet not a sound

A mercurial nemesis is thwarting
A stupid derelict is procrastinating

A Jinx with a voodoo doll dulls the mind of a fatalist. An ominous portent, suppressing the intellect. With him around, squelching every spark, nothing will ever happen. He will void every wish. He will empty your head and make you stupid. He will send you into oblivion - a nebulous dormant state of inertia.

An Idiot with no brains at all, falls into the hands of fate... a chaotic fate of inanity and insanity. His mind moves at a glacial pace. Nary a though invades his head. He is an invalid little speck in the universe with no purpose, a lonely person. He is dumb. He has spun the wheel of fortune and is ready to accept whatever fate befalls him.

This is a card for all the stupid idiots out there, you know who you are... well, maybe not.

1 of [--] The Slow Beginning
1 of [ / ] The Dormant State
[D1/9] The Dark Abyss

Antonym: [A1] AUSPICE: The Jinni
Transonym: [D9] NADIR: The Ghoul
Varonym: [Reverse] FORTUNE: The Stoic
Proxonym: >



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