[D3] ABOMINATION: The Beast:
Agent of Trauma and Brutality

Drawn and quartered, hanging meat
Rude and crude, dirty feet
Wild and wooly, rough and hairy
Claws and teeth, sharp and scary

A vicious vulgarian is abusing
A hideous brute is writhing

A Beast emerges from the clothes of a man, like a wolf-man. He is grotesque and profane. He is rude, crude and obscene. His manner is harsh and abusive. His skin is rough and hairy. He spits... on you. He is mean and malicious. Everyone hates him, and he hates everyone. Get too close and he will scar you for life. He will kill you.

A Slob claws at the ground. Writhing in misery, he will mutilate everything he touches. He is inept. He is a savage with freakish deformities. He is a sad and pathetic creature, who lives in constant pain. He curses the day he was born. He too is hated. Everyone curses the day he was born.

This is a card for hateful people who live with sadness. Murderers.

3 of [--] The Unrefined Creation
3 of [ / ] The Imperfect Bond
[D3/7] The Violent River

Antonym: [A3] ADORATION: The Beauty
Transonym: [D7] DESECRATION: The Sadist
Varonym: [Reverse] OBDURATION: The Primitive
Proxonym: < or >



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