[D7] DESECRATION: The Sadist:
Agent of Torture and Atrocity

Crack of lightning, crack of whip
Through stone or flesh, violence rip
Crucifixion, murder, bloody mess
Carnage, massacre, crimson dress

A wicked iconoclast is tormenting
A wretched miscreant is suffering

A Sadist with a whip and sword, stands ready to sever heads. Like a lightning bolt decapitating the crown of a tower, her violence is horrifying and disastrous. Who knows what aberrant, bizarre schemes she has in mind for her next tragedy. She lives for suffering. She will connect you to evil through a portal of pain.

A Sinner agonizes upon a crucifix. Her paranoia mounts, as she laments over her condition. Her position is awkward and uncomfortable. Anxiety fills her, as she imagines the worst. She hesitated, stumbled, and has lost the moment. She is languishing.

This is a card for sacrilege and suffering, and people who bring tragedy down upon themselves.

7 of [--] The Incredible Realization
7 of [ / ] The Impure Synthesis
[D3/7] The Violent River

Antonym: [A7] CONSECRATION: The Saint
Transonym: [D3] ABOMINATION: The Beast
Varonym: [Reverse] MORTIFICATION: The Heathen
Proxonym: < or >



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