[D8] DESPERATION: The Wraith:
Agent of Disease and Infirmity

Energy purging, hope is dying
Strangulation, no sense trying
Naked, cold, starry night
Depression, distant fading light

A stifling pessimist is paralyzing
A despondent melancholic is pining

A Wraith takes a star from the night sky, and squeezes the life out of it. She casts a pall of gloom as she drains the life out of everything. What she can't squeeze dry, she will suck dry with her vampire fangs. Whatever is left, she will suffocate. What she can't suffocate she will infect with disease.

A Sickling pours her energy out in wasteful fits of panic. Frantic phobia is fatiguing. Darkness is encroaching. She is exhausted. Her energy is running out. Her nerves are shot. She is thirsty. Can you hear the death rattle?

This is a card for that final burst-of-energy given off by all dying entities. A card of no hope.

8 of [--] The Exhaustive Discharge
8 of [ / ] The Narrow Perspective
[D2/8] The Sinking Dysphoria

Antonym: [A8] EXHILARATION: The Lumina
Transonym: [D2] OBFUSCATION: The Haunt
Varonym: [Reverse] LUSTRATION: The Psychopomp
Proxonym: < or >



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