[D9] NADIR: The Ghoul:
Agent of Death and Darkness

Devoured by darkness, less the moon
Eerie maw, from emptiness hewn
Pointing to a waiting grave
Insanity is the coming wave

A nugatory necrophore is annihilating
A desolate cadaver is rotting

A Ghoul dressed as an undertaker, points to hole in the great abyss of the night sky. Reflecting along waves of water is a lighted pathway - a road to doom and damnation. He beckons you to jump through to the other side. Resistance is futile... it's over for you... time's up. You are stopped dead in your tracks. No more.

A Corpse gropes for release from a grave - nocturnal impertinence. Mortality is a macabre misfortune. The vacuous cranium of the dead is a realm of insanity and confusion. Bones will be scattered.

This is a card of death, danger, darkness and confused people.

9 of [--] The Definitive End
9 of [ / ] The Chaotic Infinity
[D1/9] The Dark Abyss

Antonym: [A9] ZENITH: The God
Transonym: [D1] PORTENT: The Jinx
Varonym: [Reverse] DESTINY: The Mortician
Proxonym: <



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