Deck Layout for The Numerical Tarot

The Numerical Tarot is a very unique deck with a very unique design to its underlying structure. Basically, it is divided into four distinct, but still very inter-dependent decks. Each deck is considered to be a variation on a single theme, that of a number line (like the one seen here). In the world of The Numerical Tarot, a number line is seen as an extremely abstract representation of the individual stages and theoretical limits of a model of existence that this deck uses to describe the essence of being.

In designing a deck around a theoretical model of existence, this deck makes a few changes to the traditional form of a tarot deck (as discussed here). In many ways this deck is not so much a tarot deck, as it is a pictoral, symbolic representation of the essence of being, as described in the book ...

All Things Are Numbers

The book that goes with this deck builds a model in our mind's eye that attempts to describe the indescribable nature of being. It then labels the parts of this model with numbers. When those numbers are attached to the symbolic illustrations and anthropomorphised icons of a specific cullture's mythology, an etymological link is suggested from logical abstract ideas to subjective human symbolism. For more on this idea of etymology, go here.

As a series of number lines, the Major Icons show the stages of a simple ameliorate and deteriorate progression. The Minor Suits then repeat the qualities of the Major Icons with two cards for its every one. The Court is then seen as a number Line crossed as a grid. And the Quaternary is seen as a number line folded in half. For more on how these divisions are made, go here.

Below, there are three charts that show different ways in which this deck can be divided and viewed.
Click on the first link and see Majors and Minors arranged as ameliorate and deteriorate concepts along a spine. This first chart also accentuates the Parent/Child relationship that this deck theorizes to exist between Majors and Minors.
Click on a link in the second chart and it will open a window with a layout of each individual deck together as a set, so cards can be seen cards together as a progression of ideas.
Click on the third chart and go directly to individual cards. From there, navigate to other individual cards. Individual cards come with some interpretations and keywords.

Click on the following links to examine the names and titles of this deck separately from the images by studying a series of charts that sort out key words into Adjectives, Nouns and Verbs.

The Numerical Tarot
As a Number Line...

The Spine of Tarot
The Majors and Minors as Parent and Child

The Major Icons Together as a set The Quaternary Together as a set
The Minor Suits Together as a set The Court Together as a set

Or, four variations on a theme...


The Numerical Tarot
(four variations on a theme)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 . 1 2 3 4

To purchase a copy of this deck go here here. For a complete layout of this deck go here.

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Download a PDF of Numerical Tarot Layout

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