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In this particular "wisdom system" numerology does not appear in the traditional sense. In this system, numbers are simply used to label parts. They label the imporant parts of a model of ideas - a model designed and governed by archetypally primordial patterns in nature. As each number comes to represent certain aspects of an evolving form, a unique brand of numerology takes shape. When these numbers are used in the design of a tarot deck, the patterns that each number represents become linked to individual cards. This linkage then creates an etymological path between archetypally primordial patterns and the subjectively created symbols and icons of humans.

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The patterns of nature that make up the theoretical model of existence being presented everywhere on this site do not exist! They are infinitely drawn nowhere. The visible representations used in this study are like paint poured over The Invisible Man. These patterns are the patterns of the True Self that many spiritual philosophies try to convey to initiates. How we use them to describe our personalities makes up our ego. When we look past the ego and shed all our mundane affectations, we see how these patterns underpin the expressions that we've built up to represent our uniquely human forms. In this way we see how we are all the same under the skin, while using the various aspects of these invisible lines of force, or lack of force, to build a tangible conscious identity among other humans doing the same.


In addition to linking tarot symbols to archetypally primordial patterns in nature, the deck itself is created by the use of basic primordial patterns. By starting with a single line of numbers, and applying the natural notion of opposites, multiple number lines are created that relate to each other as opposites. These number lines are then seen as the underlying structure of the deck. One of the greatest things about The Numerical Tarot deck is this grid matrix organization of the deck, and how it can be used to compare and contrast the meaning of each card to another. The Numerical Tarot is extremely symmetrical in layout and design. All cards that are illustrated as "good" are "bad" when reversed, and all cards that are illustrated as "bad" are "good" when reversed. As "good" cards go "bad" and "bad" cards go "good," their interpretations meet in the middle thereby covering all aspects of each number in as full and complete a way as possible.

NOTE: "Good" and "Bad" are of course subjective terms. The explanations and interpretations offered here are based on my own personal sense of good and bad, and are only offered as suggested possibilities. Others may in fact reject the notion of good and bad entirely. In which case upright and reversed meanings could be taken as simple extremes and in betweens with no good or bad intent at all (see the essay Good and Bad, Right and Wrong, Smile and Frown elsewhere on this site).

The successive subdividing of opposites, just described, creates an extremely well defined and practical structure on which to build a deck of ideas about humanity. In The Numerical Tarot, NO CARD STANDS ALONE!! Every card has an opposite to compare and contrast to. This, along with the etymology of each card back to a particular pattern, or part of a pattern, provides a unique trail for each and every interpretation offered, thereby reducing ambiguity in tarot conversation concerning intented meaning and archeypal influence upon the symbols and icons of humanity.

To see what these archetypally primordial patterns are about, try reading the book All Things Are Numbers! Or... jump right in and examine the mass assemblage of adjective, nouns and verbs that make up the interpretation pages. To see how this grid matrix organization is conceived and constructed, and see a layout of the deck design, take The Two Cent Tour. After a little has been learned about each number of numerology, try using the Name Numerology Calculator! Lots to see and do!

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