The Two Cent Tour - Simplicity Equals Truth

"Simplicity Equals Truth?"

Hello, and welcome... to a brief overview, of what is being offered on this web site. The study of tarot being offered on this site is a little different than most. It is different... mostly in how it chooses to pass by a lot of the conventional systems of wisdom that people have derived from ancient sources of long ago and far away. Instead, this study has chosen to invent a system of its own that is unique to explaining a particular perspective concerning the subject of tarot. Some people think that ancient wisdom systems from long ago and far away are superior. This study offers an alternative.

In using ancient wisdom from long ago and far away, we find quite a bit of that wisdom being rooted in Astrology. Astrology is interesting, but... in contemplating astrology as a wisdom system, it would be significant to ask... what would happen to this model of wisdom if we humans were to ever pack up and move to another solar system in another galaxy far, far away? Would the influence of our planets still be that strong? Is Astrology really that universal?

In the Tarot journey that follows on this site, I decided to search for something that seemed more universal.
Something based on universal patterns of nature that would be the same everywhere.

In pursuing sacred wisdom from long ago and far away, lots of people use The Tree of Life as a model when seeking structure in Tarot. The Tree of Life has 32 "paths of wisdom" consisting of 22 Paths and 10 Sephirah. It also has and 3 Pillars. There is also 1 Sephirah that is "hidden." It is also crowned with 3 "veils" of "negative limitless light." Some also propose additional "secret" pathways between sephirah. If you add it all up, this diagram has at least 39 parts to consider before any explanation of meaning or wisdom begins! That's a lot! And that's before it ever gets attached to the Tarot!! In addition... many attach the planets and zodiac of Astrology to these paths and sephirah before attaching all that to the cards of Tarot! That's a lot more!! Some call the Tree of Life diagram simple. I found its crisscrossing paths and sephirah to be convoluted and complex. When combined with the planets and zodiac of Astrology, it becomes even more complex and convoluted.

In the Tarot journey that follows on this site, I decided to search for something that seemed really simple.
Something isomorphic to nature and organically ergonomic.

In my search for a better design, I managed to craft a theoretical model of universal cosmic consciousness that is not only organically ergonomic, but also very simple in design. Economy of design is important to Nature - it's the way nature works. Thus, this study of tarot, existence and consciousness offers a model of wisdom that is diagrammed with only 4 circles and a point. That's it... that's all there is to my model of existence, upon which I base every conclusion about Tarot, life, the universe and consciousness. That's right, every conclusion I draw about the nature of existence and how it all relates to Tarot can be traced back to one of those 4 circles or that point. That's it. Does that sound simple enough? What follows on this site is an entire "wisdom system" and several Tarot decks, based solely upon those four circles and point. If you are interested in an alternative approach to Tarot that is really, really simple, then you might like the ideas being offered here.

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