The Amazing All Things Are Numbers Personality Type Indicator!!!

The Amazing Name Numerology Calculator (found elsewhere on this site) is amazing, but it can't tell you everything about a person all by itself. It has its limitations. For example, it can't tell you if the person in question is Intrinsically "good" or "evil" in character. It can only tell you what form their good or evil will take. It also can't tell you which of the three inner numbers is more dominant within the mixture that makes up the character of the person in question. A few minutes of careful observation can usually determine a dominant number, but then again, some people are harder to read than others. This questionnaire is designed to determine which numbers of numerology dominate you more. The results you get may or may not match your name numbers exactly, but it's always interesting when they do. See if they do.


Answer every question... er, answer. Of course, these answers are all hypothetical and cover a broad spectrum of possibilities, so don't expect all of them to describe just you. You should try at all times to answer for what is MOST like you. And remember, you don't have to show anyone your answers, so you can be 100% HONEST!

Don't forget to write down your results! And send them to me!

Tie Breaker

You don't have to break ties, but... if you want to, here's a way. Find your HIGHEST score from the [C], [P], [S], [V] and [E] totals above. Is there more than one letter that has the same HIGHEST score? If so, you need to use the tie breaker. Do NOT use the tie breaker to break ties between lower scores. You should only use the tie breaker if you have two or more HIGH scores that are the same. If you have two or more high scores that are the same, pick the most desirable color from the list below, but only from the categories that are tied for HIGHEST score. For example: if your highest score was the same for both the [V] and [S] categories you would pick either Orange, Blue, Green or Red. If you picked either Orange or Blue, you would add "1" to the [V] score. If you picked either Green or Red, you would add "1" to the [S] score.

[C] White .
[C] Black .
[P] Purple .
[P] Yellow .
[S] Green .
[S] Red .
[V] Orange .
[V] Blue .
[E] Brown .
[E] Grey .


Analyze the results...

For a printable version that requires manual tabulation of results, go here.

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