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Change to Moderate [0]
Change the Measure/Appraisal [1]
Change the Mode/Mindset [2]
Change the Method/Approach [3]
Change the Manner/Viewpoint [4]
Change the Means/Appetite [5]

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of the

of the

of the

of the

The deafening

Extreme One of Division - Spade -Sword

The Dormant State:
Ominous Inanity Nullifying
Nebulous Oblivion Voiding


Neglect - NAUGHT - Ignorance
Stupid - Omitting

A brain
not thinking.


The Jinx:
Agent of Fatalism and Neglect
... and The Idiot

Voodoo trickster, trifle with fate
Spin his wheel, take his bait
Crazy fool jumps around
So much noise, yet not a sound

A mercurial nemesis is thwarting
A stupid derelict is procrastinating


E 1 of [ / ] Spades - {00100]
The Dormant State:
-- Ominous & Nullifying

Stupid, oblivious, dumb as a rock
Nebulous, ignorant, when taking stock
Brainless, dull and growing old
Numb, null, and wintery cold

Ominous inanity voiding
Nebulous oblivion nullifying

COURT - (one half)

The Braindead Zombie
Ominous presage, foreboding fate
Nebulous, oblivious, nullifying state

Hearing the Brain
of an Auditory Mind
and the Thoughts from a
Solitary Circumsphere.















E 1 of [ / ] Division - Spade -Sword - {00100]

[0] [0] Persuasion of Person:
A person with a dull mind who has no idea what is going on.
Someone who does not pay attention.
--Imagine... an idiot.
Intellectually mind-numbing
--Imagine... talking baby talk all day.

A person no one notices.
A nebulous presence that can't be detected.
--Imagine... a ghost in the room with you.

-----------------------^ Optional ^-----------------------

[1] [0]
Precession of Cycle:

Late December, 12:00 am.
The Sun is low on the horizon.
It's deathly cold.
--Imagine... a cloudy day in a blizzard.

[2] [0]
Perception of Thing:

Seeing it as pointless.
--Imagine... being bombarded with information too fast.
Something dead that isn't.
Something that is nothing.
--Imagine... a rock
--Imagine... a cold dead brain.

[3] [1]
Progression of Event:

An agent of ignorance.
An agent of neglect.
An agent of nothing.
--Imagine... tumbling dice.
Being absent.
Thinking stupid.
--Imagine... getting an "F"

--Imagine... someone shooting themself in the foot.

[4] [0]
Perspective of Place:

A place of ignorance and stupidity.
Nothing at the periphery.
--Imagine... a bag of hammers.

[5] [0]
Pulsation of Phase:

A situation that is pointless.
An inconsequential option.
--Imagine... a dead flower.
A feeling of lonelyness and isolation
--Imagine... dying alone.
--Imagine... a toe tag that says J. Doe.
A state of darkness.
--Imagine... a burned out light... in a light house.

A Constellation of Influence about:

The Categorical Sequestration of
Disparate Antipodal and
Remote Isolated things.

The Implicit Ubiquity of a
Decremental Process amid
Flexible Random Chaos.

The Eternal Presence of
Intangible Infinitesimality in a
Waning state of Depreciation.

The Diminished Presence
and Deteriorate Influence
of the Element of Air
and the Negative Influence
of the Cerebral
In the Sustained Darkness of
Winter's Terminal Cold
Late December, 12:00 am.

Wholistic Leaps of
Divestive Division and the
SubConscious Feelings
of a Subtle Wave
in Catabolic Capitulation.

Subjectively Active Feelings
of the SubConscious
Yielding Recessively
to the Dark.

Passively Impelling from the
Framing Presence and
Celestial Vacuity of the
Cold Dry Air of an

The Converging or Coagulation
of the Peripheral Outsides
at a Stationary Interlude
of Stasis.

The Excessive Antipathy of
Negative Revulsion
and the Frowns of the
Bad, Sad and Mad.

Beside a Stagnant Pond
in the Moonlight of a Winter Midnight
with Cold Air and a Cold Wind
through Snow Covered Pine Trees
a Black Male Cat
Sits on Frozen Snow
Listening with Ears to the Framing Air
of Death's Deteriorate Beginnings


1D 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D 1D


Below are a few examples of what might be derived from this Quintagram / Tarot Card / Number of Numerology / Constellation of Influence by way of acts of interpretation. Some are from personal experience. Some are just brainstormed possibilities being tossed out there. If nothing is found anywhere on this page that seems like it might fit the situation at hand, be sure to examine the other pages of possible interpretations and important keywords found at the bottom of this page, as well as other locations around this site. Don't be literal. Try to grasp the essence.

These pages are a work in progress.
I am in the process of sorting them from one form to this form, so there may be some repitition and other sloppiness for now.

EN1 of Swords - Adjectives:
Note: Sorting in progress, please be patient and read randomly for now...
(Might use with Position 1 of Binary Spread, or significator card)

  • 1. unable to think for self.
  • 3. ominous.
  • 8. foolish ~ stupid ~ pointless ~ inferior ~ totally out of it.
  • 9. icy ~ cold as ice ~ frigid.
  • 10. aloof.
  • 12. ignorant ~ dimwitted ~ dumb as dirt ~ oblivious ~ totally oblivious and will take whatever happens ~ fatalistic ~ weak willed ~ unemotional ~ stoic ~ impassive.
  • 13. very alone in the world ~ self-conscious ~ uninformed (see Bad Negative Nine Sword for mis-informed).
  • 18. isolationist.
  • 20. arrested in development.
  • 21. disinterested ~ suicidal ~ lonely ~ non-existent.

EN1 of Swords - Nouns:
Note: Sorting in progress, please be patient and read randomly for now...
(Might use for Position 1 of Binary Spread)

  • 2. a fried brain ~ brain damage ~ mental retardation ~ weak will.
  • 3. frigidity ~ impassivity ~ low expectations.
  • 4. the village idiot ~ a fool.
  • 5. a moron a fool ~ an idiot ~ a nobody ~ a hillbilly ~ a spinster ~ a widow ~ a wall flower ~ an ominous presence ~ a nebulous presence ~ a non-existent presence ~ a fatalistic presence.
  • 6. not the sharpest tool in the shed ~ not the sharpest knife in the drawer ~ an intellectual midget ~ the new guy - stupid ~ a nowhere man ~ a loner in a clock tower shooting innocent people ~ a dottering old fool ~ an ostrich with head in sand.
  • 7. the eyes of an idiot ~ a brain tumor.
  • 8. ignorant people ~ idiots!
  • 8. cold and snow ~ an ominous sky ~ nothing.
  • 10. stupid ideas from stupid people ~ a bad idea ~ a society of intellectually mediocre people.
  • 11. ignorance ~ fatalism ~ portent.
  • 12. a cold shoulder ~ the silent treatment.
  • 13. lack of interest.
  • 14. loneliness.
  • 15. a total lack of awareness to what is going on.
  • 16. an aneurism ~ a stroke ~ a frontal lobotomy ~ people trying to make you look stupid ~ a battle of the witless ~ mind numbing activity ~ people talking behind your back.
  • 17. a situation that is pointless to continue ~ a situation for which you can not do anything - in the hands of fate ~ a situation that is left to chance ~ il-fate ~ a bad omen ~ misfortune ~ an unfriendly twist of fate ~ something going wrong with your brain ~ a limited scope of thinking ~ isolation.
  • 18. foolishness ~ an uninformed choice ~ chronic absence ~ a bout with brain damage.
  • 19. the arctic wastelands ~ a tiny little apartment with a single bare light bulb dangling from a worn out cord casting dim light on your lonely existence.
  • 20. a hospital zone - quiet.
  • 20. a fools paradise ~ a hopelessly remote and isolated place ~ oblivion.

EN1 of Swords - Verbs:
Note: Sorting in progress, please be patient and read randomly for now...
(Might use for Position 2, 4, 6 or 8 of Binary Spread)

  • 1. being a lone wolf among others you might have been like ~ not showing up ~ not asking any questions ~ asking stupid questions ~ trying to enter a field of study or work you know nothing about ~ trying to enter a field of study for which you lack experience ~ not making your presence known ~ taking fatalistic approach ~ adopting a fatalistic attitude to the whole thing ~ giving someone the cold shoulder / silent treatment ~ not paying any attention to anyone or anything ~ remaining ignorant ~ making yourself feel stupid ~ not giving yourself credit for some brains ~ losing interest ~ losing interest after initial start up ~ showing no emotions ~ remaining silent ~ frying your brains ~ damaging your grey matter ~ underestimating your intelligence ~ being all alone in the world ~ being out in the cold on your own ~ being too secluded ~ being isolated or singled out in an undesirable way ~ not being anywhere and then not being there ~ getting the cold shoulder ~ not getting the attention you need ~ having to do something alone ~ having no one pay any attention to you ~ going nowhere fast ~ getting the cold shoulder from someone ~ saying or doing something real stupid and ruining everything.

EN1 of Swords - Reactions:
(thoughts, opinions, feelings, observations, guiding voice)
(Might use for position 3, 5, 7 or 9 of Binary Spread)

  • 1. I think it’s stupid ~ I wish it didn’t isolate me so much ~ it just goes in one ear and out the other ~ I was a fool ~ I’m oblivious to its effect on me ~ I should have killed myself when I had the chance ~ there was nothing I could do - it was in the hands of fate ~ hey I don’t read minds.
  • 5. my interest level is dropping ~ any way the wind blows ~ leave me alone ~ you’re thinking “this is really stupid”.
  • 6. whatever..., does not interest me in the least ~ I try not to think about it ~ I’m not interested - I’m not even here ~ I don’t care what happens next.
  • 7. I’m too stupid to have an opinion ~ my thoughts and feelings are nebulous at best ~ I don’t think - therefore I am not ~ I have no longer the will to live.
  • 8. it’s pointless ~ what is the point ~ what I don’t know won’t hurt me ~ out of sight - out of mind ~ the race of fools is not to be counted ~ folly is the most incurable of maladies ~ cold rice and cold tea are bearable - but cold looks and cold words are not ~ there are none so deaf as those who will not listen.
  • Feel like you don’t belong here any more ~ afraid people will realize how stupid you are ~ afraid of being left out in the cold ~ feel as though you have no identity ~ like there is no one but you ~ like fate has turned against you ~ like you are just barely keeping up ~ I think you’re tired of thinking ~ want to not exist for a while ~ to be alone ~ even in the company of others you want for companionship.

EN1 of Swords - Predictions: (what might happen)
(Might use for Position 6, 7, 8 or 9 of Binary Spread)

  • your future looks bleak ~ this card does not bode well ~ you're in the hands of fate now ~ you’re not even going to try are you? ~ you will end up alone and lonely ~ you will end up out in the cold on your own ~ noone will notice your passing ~ your anonymity will enable people to forget you when you die ~ your entire existence will be for naught ~ you will be stuck in limbo forever.

EN1 of Swords - Life Biased Advice:
(admonitions, words of wisdom, proverbs, maxims, epigrams, aphorisms)
(Might use for any position of Binary Spread)

  • don’t do anything that might reveal your ignorance
    don’t listen to that voice in your head
    prepare for winter.
  • what the hell are you thinking - ARE you thinking? - START thinking!
  • he who would make a fool of himself will find many to help him
    fools live but do not learn
    absence diminishes little passions - and increases great ones
    he that is absent is soon forgotten
    long absent soon forgotten
    negative thinking dulls the mind
    a man who cannot tolerate small ills can never accomplish great things
    don’t make little plans they have no magic to stir men’s souls.

All words and images Copyright © 2008 by Guy Palm

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