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Change to Extreme [0]
Change the Measure/Appraisal [1]
Change the Mode/Mindset [2]
Change the Method/Approach [3]
Change the Manner/Viewpoint [4]
Change the Means/Appetite [5]

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Moderate Five of Division - Spade -Sword

The Unsettled Union:
Difficult Competition Challenging
Dubious Adventure Upsetting


Humility - DISCONTENT - Travail
Unusual - Disturbing

that are
off the


[D5] [Reversed / Mitigated]
The Radical:
... and The Eccentic

Rebel taking different road
Challenging all to change their mode
Veering far from the norm
Stirring up dust like a storm

A controversial revolutionary disturbing
A unusual nonconformist debating


M 5 of [ / ] Spades - (00-10)
The Unsettled Union:
-- Difficult & Upsetting

Upsetting challenge adventure begins
Competition difficult needles and pins
Dubious ground never boring
Always flux no one snoring

Difficult competition accommodating
Dubious adventure upsetting

Tasting the Core
of a Neutral Essence
and the Temperment from a
Central Axis.





[1] Measure:







[5] Means:

M 5 of [ / ] Division - Spade -Sword - (00-10)

[0] [1]
Persuasion of Person:
--Imagine... each day being different.

A person who is unconventional.
A person who is rebellious.

-----------------------^ Optional ^-----------------------

[1] [0]
Precession of Cycle:

Early February, 3:00 am.
Footprints in the snow going every which way.
--Imagine... no roads.

[2] [0]
Perception of Thing:

Seeing it as a unique experience.
Seeing it as worth the trouble.
Something unusual and unique.
--Imagine... food never tasted.

[3] [-]
Progression of Event:

Mixed emotions.
--Imagine... road signs pointing in opposite directions.
Marching to the beat of a different drummer.
Loosing the battle but not the war.

[4] [1]
Perspective of Place:

A place of adventure.
--Imagine... river rapids.

[5] [0]
Pulsation of Phase:

A situation that stirs things up.
--Imagine... a new player at the table.

A Constellation of Influence about:

The Coalescent Modulation of
Congruent Reciprocal and
Conjugate Integrated things.

The Gyroscopic Axis of an
Decremental Process amid
Flexible Random Chaos.

The Metamorphic Nucleus of
Intangible Commonality in a
Waning state of Depreciation.

The Diminished Presence
and Deteriorate Influence
of the Element of Quintessence
and the Negative Influence
of the Elemental
In the Sustained Darkness of
Winter's Terminal Cold
Early February, 3:00 am.

Wholistic Leaps of
Divestive Division and the
Neutral Mind
of a Subtle Wave
in Catabolic Capitulation.

Subjective Feelings and Emotions
of a Neutral Mind
Yielding Concessively
to the Dark.

Passively Situated within the
Central Functioning
Neutral Eye of the
Alchemistic Source of

The Exchanging and Blending
of all Opposites
at a Stationary Interlude
of Stasis.

The Absolute Flexibility of
Negative Neutrality
and the Smiles of the
Good, Happy and Glad.

On a Bridge over Diverging Rivers
in the Cold of a Winter End Night
with Cold Air and a Cold Wind
through Snow Covered Pine Trees
a Black Cat
Sits on Frozen Snow
Tasting with Tongue
the Functioning Essence
of Death's Deteriorate Exchanges

5D 5D 5D 5D 5D 5D 5D 5D 5D


Below are a few examples of what might be derived from this Quintagram / Tarot Card / Number of Numerology / Constellation of Influence by way of acts of interpretation. Some are from personal experience. Some are just brainstormed possibilities being tossed out there. If nothing is found anywhere on this page that seems like it might fit the situation at hand, be sure to examine the other pages of possible interpretations and important keywords found at the bottom of this page, as well as other locations around this site. Don't be literal. Try to grasp the essence.

These pages are a work in progress.
I am in the process of sorting them from one form to this form, so there may be some repitition and other sloppiness for now.

MN5 of Swords - Adjectives:
Note: Sorting in progress, please be patient and read randomly for now...
(Might use with Position 1 of Binary Spread, or significator card)

  • 7. adventurous ~ extraordinary ~ different ~ unique ~ unusual ~ radical.
  • 8. exceptional ~ special ~ free ~ impartial.
  • 9. unique.
  • 10. daring ~ contentious in a good way.
  • 11. penitent.
  • 12. liberal.
  • 17. alternative.
  • 19. unsettled.
  • 20. revolutionary.
  • 21. stirred ~ disrupted in a good way ~ a little upset ~ freed ~ regretful ~ apologetic ~ sorry.

MN5 of Swords - Nouns:
Note: Sorting in progress, please be patient and read randomly for now...
(Might use for Position 1 of Binary Spread)

  • 2. an indomitable spirit ~ a healthy contempt for authority.
  • 4. a mediator.
  • 5. a free spirit ~ a ramblin’ man ~ a beatnik ~ an adventurer.
  • 6. a very unusual person with a unique outlook.
  • 8. the dust that is being stirred up by changing circumstances.
  • 10. a new address or job ~ an adventure ~ a big adventure ~ a good caper ~ something that is going to upset your routine ~ an apology.
  • 11. identity ~ freedom ~ freedom from slavery ~ incredible good luck ~ vindication ~ exoneration ~ diplomacy.
  • 12. questionable advice ~ a conflict that cannot be avoided ~ a unique opportunity ~ a unique experience ~ a period of transformation ~ a chance to travel ~ a chance to climb out of your rut - to do something different and unique ~ a challenge of a lifetime ~ a trade off.
  • 17. something is wrong - but that’s o.k. ~ a departure from the norm ~ an upset to your normal routine ~ a spot of trouble that will challenge you ~ something upsetting you in a way that causes you to think ~ a change in your routine ~ your usual routine being upset and replaced with an unsettled day to day existence that is nonetheless challenging ~ a revolution!
  • 18. a personal transformation ~ a little mischief.
  • 20. the road less traveled.
  • 21. somewhere special.

MN5 of Swords - Verbs:
Note: Sorting in progress, please be patient and read randomly for now...
(Might use for Position 2, 4, 6 or 8 of Binary Spread)

  • 1. admitting when wrong ~ marching to the beat of a different drummer ~ stirring things up ~ making radical changes and alterations ~ making last minute alterations that upset everything ~ trying something completely different and unusual for a change of pace ~ packing up and moving to another city or state or country or job ~ changing address, job, name, identity or whatever ~ seeking adventure around every corner ~ jumping a crevasse ~ gambling ~ defeating your enemies ~ making a correctable mistake ~ questioning authority ~ delegating authority ~ usurping someone’s authority ~ admitting when you are wrong ~ breaking the rules if you have to - when it’s for a good cause ~ taking on that challenge ~ looking for a different way ~ departing from the norm ~ rising above the ordinary ~ remaining neutral ~ learning from mistakes ~ gambling with your odds ~ climbing out of your rut ~ throwing off shackles ~ rocking the boat ~ stirring up some dust ~ zigging when they zag ~ being on the road again - with a friend ~ being in a spot of trouble that will challenge you ~ being mentally challenged ~ being temporarily defeated ~ being momentarily derailed ~ having every day be a new adventure - no routine ~ having no obligations ~ having point of view changed ~ having your apartment painted - a necessary evil ~ having someone or something enter your life and totally upset your routine ~ having your routine disrupted by holidays ~ having your routine disrupted at an slightly inconvenient time ~ loosing a battle - but not the war ~ having no established routine - like being a freelancer ~ having no established rules - like working for yourself ~ protesting someone’s activities ~ apologizing.

MN5 of Swords - Reactions:
(thoughts, opinions, feelings, observations, guiding voice)
(Might use for position 3, 5, 7 or 9 of Binary Spread)

  • 1. it was a real adventure ~ I think I can safely say that I have learned from my mistakes.
  • 5. this is not my fault - I am not responsible for this ~ I reject this ~ this is not right ~ this is wrong and should not be happening this way.
  • 6. I’m thinkin’ revolution ~ this is going to be one big adventure.
  • 7. I learn from my mistakes ~ I learn from other people’s mistakes ~ it’s o.k. if I’m wrong.
  • 8. it’s good to stir things up a little sometimes and disrupt your routine ~ I care not what course others take - but for me - give me liberty or give me death ~ one already wet does not fear the rain ~ they may take our lives but they’ll never take our freedom! ~ once bitten twice shy------feel like trying something different for a change ~ upset by these changing conditions but its o.k. ~ something is upsetting you - but you can deal with it ~ feel like you want to get out on the road and travel ~ feel like a change of pace ~ want a divorce - you think it’s for the best ~ to be free or take advantage of freedom ~ want things to be special.

MN5 of Swords - Predictions:
(what might happen)
(Might use for Position 6, 7, 8 or 9 of Binary Spread)

  • a foreign element being projected into your environment - it will disrupt your routine and take some tine getting used to - you will need to find a new place in your life for this new thing.
  • ...and now for something completely different ~ your going to have a really big adventure ~ you will be moving to a new address ~ you may end up moving to a new address ~ something will go wrong - but it won’t be a big deal ~ freedom will be yours my friend! ~ your life will never be dull - that’s for sure.

MN5 of Swords - Life Biased Advice:
(admonitions, words of wisdom, proverbs, maxims, epigrams, aphorisms)
(Might use for any position of Binary Spread)

  • don’t be afraid to be unusual or unconventional ~ it may be an upsetting environment - but that’s a good thing for you right now.
  • swallow your pride ~ apologize ~ rock the boat once and a while ~ stir things up a little ~ try something different ~ break the rules ~ offer no advice ~ screw up as many times as you need to ~ try to learn from your mistakes ~ try to learn from other people’s mistakes ~ try a different medium of communication ~ break those chains and free yourself ~ go somewhere you’ve never been before ~ pick yourself up - dust yourself off - and start over again.
  • hey - mistakes happen.
  • don’t be afraid of failure ~ no trials - no triumphs ~ noble souls through dust and heat ~ rise stronger from disaster and defeat ~ he that falls today may be up tomorrow ~ a smooth sea never made a skillful mariner ~ wise men learn by other men’s mistakes - fools by their own ~ if you find yourself in hot water - take a bath.

All words and images Copyright © 2008 by Guy Palm

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