Change to Extreme [0]
Change the Measure/Appraisal [1]
Change the Mode/Mindset [2]
Change the Method/Approach [3]
Change the Manner/Viewpoint [4]
Change the Means/Appetite [5]

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Moderate Three of Addition - Diamond - Coin

The Refined Creation:
Delicate Aptitude Crafting
Gentle Sensitivity Smoothing


Gentility - ARTISTRY - Pleasure
Comely - Caressing

An artist


The Beauty:
Agent of Comfort and Gentility
... and The Artist

Graceful form, flowers in hair
Face of perfection, beyond compare
Body with skin, soft and smooth
Voice with lilt, prone to sooth

A winsome paragon is caressing
A delightful aesthetic is emoting


M 3 of [+] Diamonds - [11110]
The Refined Creation:
-- Delicate & Crafting

Aptitude, chisel, shape and mold
Gentle, smooth, polish... hold
Delicate, beautiful craft and art
Sensitivity perfecting every part

Delicate aptitude crafting
Gentle sensitivity smothing

COURT - (one half)

The Tactile Matriarch
Delicate, gentle always caressing
Touching sensitivity, what a blessing

Feeling the Skin
of a Tactile Soul
and the Sensations from an
Intimate Surface.




[1] Measure:









M 3 of [+] Addition - Diamond - Coin - [11110]

[0] [1]
Persuasion of Person:
--Imagine... a smiling hostess.
--Imagine... people dressed nicely for a dinner party.

A person who adds beauty everywhere.
--Imagine... an artist painting a painting.
--Imagine... a sculptor sculpting.
--Imagine... a smooth skinned cover girl.

-----------------------^ Optional ^-----------------------

[1] [1]
Precession of Cycle:

Mid April, 8:00 am.
Life in buds on plants and trees are blooming.
--Imagine... apple blossoms in spring.
--Imagine... a field of tulips.

[2] [1]
Perception of Thing:

Seeing it as beautiful decoration.
Something aesthetically pleasing is a joy forever.
--Imagine... a painting in a gallery.
--Imagine... ornamentation carved into the side of a church.
--Imagine... a musician playing a tune.
A good idea.

[3] [1]
Progression of Event:

An agent of soothing caress.
Meticulous and refined.
Polishing until smooth.
Practicing until perfect.
--Imagine... smooth polished marble.
--Imagine... someone practicing their music all day.

[4] [1]
Perspective of Place:

A place where art is created.
--Imagine... the sights, sounds and smells of an artists stuido filled with paintings & sculptures.
A place of pleasure.
--Imagine... a comfortable sofa.
--Imagine... soft canvas shoes.

[5] [0]
Pulsation of Phase:

A situation that requires a skillful touch.
A creative approach.
--Imagine... someone adorning their body with art.
An act of care designed to heal the body.
--Imagine... the laying on of hands.
--Imagine... a pregnant woman.

A Constellation of Influence about:

The Tangential Association of
Kindred Identical and
Proximal Assimilated things.

The Advent Pause of an
Incremental Process amid
Firm Resolute Order.

The Palpable Form of
Tangible Diversity in a
Waxing state of Appreciation.

The Augmenting Presence
and Ameliorate Influence
of the Element of Earth
and the Positive Influence
of the Sensorial
In the Gradual Lightening of
Spring's Ascending Warmth
Mid April, 8:00 am.

The Analytical Steps of
Investive Addition and the
Conscious Actions
of a Straightforward Particle
in Anabolic Cultivation.

Objectively Active Actions
of the Conscious
Seizing Progressively
in the Lightening of Dark.

Passively Impelling toward the
Formative Texture and
Terrestrial Density of the
Warm Moist Earth of a

The Converging or Coagulation
of the Cardinal Insides
at a Stationary Interlude
of Stasis.

The Moderate Devotion of
Positive Dedication
and the Smiles of the
Good, Happy and Glad.

Along a Rushing River
in the Warmth of a Spring Sunrise
with Cold Air and a Warm Breeze
through Invigorating Oak Trees
a White Male Dog
Sits on Flower Petals
Feeling with Skin the Forming Earth
of Life's Ameliorate Encounters


3A 3A 3A 3A 3A 3A 3A 3A 3A


Below are a few examples of what might be derived from this Quintagram / Tarot Card / Number of Numerology / Constellation of Influence by way of acts of interpretation. Some are from personal experience. Some are just brainstormed possibilities being tossed out there. If nothing is found anywhere on this page that seems like it might fit the situation at hand, be sure to examine the other pages of possible interpretations and important keywords found at the bottom of this page, as well as other locations around this site. Don't be literal. Try to grasp the essence.

These pages are a work in progress.
I am in the process of sorting them from one form to this form, so there may be some repitition and other sloppiness for now.

MP3 of Coins - Adjectives:
Note: Sorting in progress, please be patient and read randomly for now...
(Might use with Position 1 of Binary Spread, or significator card)

  • 1. talented ~ artistic.
  • 3. much more creative.
  • 4. musical ~ in touch with nature and the environment ~ neat ~ clean ~ pretty.
  • 5. touchie-feelie ~ intimate.
  • 6. comfortable.
  • 7. sensuous ~ civilized ~ perfect ~ artistically refined.
  • 8. creative ~ blessed with talent and grace.
  • 9. thin skinned ~ polished ~ finely honed ~ tender ~ tactile ~ untainted ~ beautiful physically and emotionally ~ perfect in form.
  • 10. sensitive ~ graceful ~ gracious ~ gentle ~ careful ~ more talented than you realize.
  • 12. ecologically minded ~ meticulous ~ very creative.
  • 13. touched.
  • 16. smooth ~ skillfully crafted.
  • 17. sentient.

MP3 of Coins - Nouns:
Note: Sorting in progress, please be patient and read randomly for now...
(Might use for Position 1 of Binary Spread)

  • 1. a perfect figure ~ a sculpted body ~ a perfectly flawless complexion.
  • 2. a light touch ~ a voracious appetite for all things beautiful ~ artistic ability ~ agility.
  • 3. great sensitivity.
  • 4. a great artist ~ a real artist ~ an art teacher ~ an artist’s model ~ a sculptor ~ a whittler ~ a carver ~ a potter ~ a calligrapher ~ a musician ~ an interior decorator ~ a surgeon ~ a beautician.
  • 5. a goddess or adonis ~ a creative genius ~ a genius for art with natural ability and skill.
  • 6. a patron of the arts ~ a perfectionist.
  • 7. a drawing board or sculpting pedestal.
  • 8. a bed of rose pedals ~ beautiful comfortable homes or cars etc., a bevy of beautiful women ~ a gallery of great artists.
  • 9. ironed out wrinkles ~ the perfect you ~ something suited perfectly for you.
  • 10. a masterpiece.
  • 11. art ~ nature ~ craftsmanship ~ skill ~ talent ~ grace ~ beauty ~ elegant simplicity ~ life! - creation ~ desirable perfectionism ~ physical perfection ~ intimacy ~ tender loving care.
  • 12. good ideas ~ creative solutions ~ a task before you that is easy.
  • 16. tangible expression ~ civic enhancement ~ beautification.
  • 17. a cultural experience ~ encounter with nature ~ encounter with the hand of God.
  • 18. hands on creativity ~ refinement ~ endless attempts to perfect and refine.
  • 19. an art gallery ~ an art studio.
  • 20. a finishing school.
  • 21. a cozy place ~ a place of abundant beauty ~ a place that encourages artistic expression ~ a place where everything is easy ~ a place where things can grow - like a garden.

MP3 of Coins - Verbs:
Note: Sorting in progress, please be patient and read randomly for now...
(Might use for Position 2, 4, 6 or 8 of Binary Spread)

  • 2. being careful.
  • 3. trying to be sensitive to changing conditions.
  • 4. creating something out of nothing.
  • 5. expressing self creatively.
  • 7. kissing ~ touching.
  • 8. bringing out the talent and skills of others.
  • 11. using a light touch and graceful means,using a gentle caress ~ trying a more gentle approach.
  • 15. being well liked.
  • 21.applying a sculptors hand ~ employing all your innate skills and talents ~ expressing ideas in tangible form ~ trying to express self better in tangible terms ~ trying to create something new that no one has ever done ~ re-shaping the imperfect into the perfect (or near perfect) ~ trying to make yourself look beautiful ~ applying your art to a commercial enterprise ~ smiling alot ~ using talents effectively ~ working with your hands ~ doing your best work over this time ~ nearly achieving perfection in your craft ~ developing new skills ~ doing a fine job ~ engaging in a desirable pursuit of perfectionism ~ practicing - practicing to perfection ~ practicing some more ~ trying until it’s perfect ~ trying a meticulous approach ~ touching others ~ appreciating and preserving beautiful things ~ getting comfortable with your new form ~ making the world a more beautiful place ~ being asked to do things creative and artistic ~ being physically touched ~ being complemented on how beautiful you look or on how something you did looks ~ being hired by a prestigious design firm ~ being in demand because you are so talented ~ being spared the pain ~ being voted the most beautiful ~ having pretty things all around to decorate you life ~ having lots of plants ~ having what you have so far be nearly perfect ~ having what you have so far be very well done ~ having done a really really good job on a creative effort.

MP3 of Coins - Reactions:
(thoughts, opinions, feelings, observations, guiding voice)
(Might use for position 3, 5, 7 or 9 of Binary Spread)

  • 1. it’s the most perfect expression of me possible ~ I’m still working on it to make it perfect ~ I think my deft handling is leading to a successful outcome.
  • 5. I’m glad I am the one to put the finishing touches on it ~ well thank you I’m touched.
  • 6. I think I have the skills and talent to handle whatever is coming ~ I’ve proven to myself that I am an artist - and am moving on as one.
  • 7. I like being creative - I am an artist ~ I’ve developed so much skill - I need a way to express myself ~ damn I’m good ~ It’s a gift.
  • 8. do it with skill ~ drive nature out the door and it will return by the window ~ a thing of beauty is a joy forever ~ better to repair the gutter than the whole house ~ cleanliness is next to Godliness ~ gentleness does more than violence ~ kisses are the messengers of love ~ ------ feel as though you have the talent to do this right
    want to sense the tactile world ~ you’re itchin’ to be creative ~ want things to be perfect ~ feel a need to satisfy an impulse to create ~ need to be creative in some tangible way ~ need to touch or be touched ~ need to express self creatively.

MP3 of Coins - Predictions:
(what might happen)
(Might use for Position 6, 7, 8 or 9 of Binary Spread)

  • simplify, simplify, simplify.
  • I see you being treated with gentleness ~ being handled with kit gloves.
  • I see you handling a situation with beauty and grace.
  • things will get easier ~ it’ll be a perfect fit ~ you will achieve perfection - or at least as close as one could expect ~ whatever it is you will do it perfectly ~ you will finally get to do your masterpiece.

MP3 of Coins - Life Biased Advice:
(admonitions, words of wisdom, proverbs, maxims, epigrams, aphorisms)
(Might use for any position of Binary Spread)

  • practice to perfection before you attempt ~ you need to try a little tenderness ~ adorn yourself with beautiful things ~ be sensitive to changing conditions.
  • what you have so far is actually very good ~ you must realize your talent and skill level - it is superior.
  • measure your cloth twice since you cannot cut but once ~ a jewel of a woman is better than a woman of jewels ~ a gentle face is the perfect grace ~ she who is born a beauty is half married ~ every bird is know by its feathers ~ fair faces need no paint ~ men - like bullets - go furthest when polished ~ write injuries in dust and kindness in marble.

All words and images Copyright © 2008 by Guy Palm

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