Change to Extreme [0]
Change the Measure/Appraisal [1]
Change the Mode/Mindset [2]
Change the Method/Approach [3]
Change the Manner/Viewpoint [4]
Change the Means/Appetite [5]

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of the

of the

of the

of the

a gift

Moderate Six of Addition - Diamond - Coin

The Increasing Evolution:
Progressive Augmentation Growing
Appreciative Prosperity Thriving


Fecundity - WEALTH - Sustenance
Valuable - Saving

Wealth in
of value,
to hold.


The Angel:
Agent of Fecundity and Loyalty
... and The Royal

Passion finds another lover
Child growing from a mother
With her faith, makes believe
With advantage, will achieve

A hospitable benefactor is providing
A grateful beneficiary is treasuring


M 6 of [+] Diamonds - [11011}
The Increasing Evolution:
-- Progressive & Growing

Advancing with benevolent tenacity
Appreciation, wealth of a great city
Augmentation, making progress
Growing up, and treasuring the process

Progressive augmentation growing
Appreciative tenacity advancing

COURT - (one half)

The Sovereign Patriarch
Progressive tenacity, lots of bother
Advancing, growing, appreciation of a father

Smelling the Guts
of an Immersive Heart
and the Instincts from a
Gregarious Mass.




[1] Measure:









M 6 of [+] Addition - Diamond - Coin - [11011}

[0] [1]
Persuasion of Person:
--Imagine... an idyllic town.

A person of means who helps others.
--Imagine... a benefactor.
A person who earns everything.

-----------------------^ Optional ^-----------------------

[1] [1]
Precession of Cycle:

Mid May, 10:00 am.
Crops maturing in the sun.
--Imagine... ears of corn appearing between the leaves.
--Imagine... an angel who facilitates everything to a productive end.

[2] [1]
Perception of Thing:

Seeing it as a personal gain.
Seeing it as something of value.
Getting good.
Something that increases personal wealth.
Something to hold on to.
--Imagine... stacks of gold coins.
Something of tremendous value
--Imagine... a golden fleece
--Imagine... a treasure chest full of jewels.
--Imagine... the largest diamond in the world.

[3] [0]
Progression of Event:

A result that is rewarding.
A recovery that is speedy.
Getting priorities straight.
Assessing value.
Taking the high ground.

[4] [1]
Perspective of Place:

A place that elevates the dignity of all.
A place everyone wants to be.
--Imagine... Heaven on Earth.
A place of incubation
--Imagine... a bun in an oven.
--Imagine... a kitchen.

[5] [1]
Pulsation of Phase:

A situation made better by a good choice.
--Imagine... a man taking a wife.
A thought about welfare.
Saving resources.
Hanging in there.
People getting what they need.
--Imagine... imagine a wealthy man.

A Constellation of Influence about:

The Constituent Articulation of
Common Mutual and
Aggregate Consolidated things.

The Inevitable Development of an
Incremental Process amid
Firm Resolute Order.

The Incremental Capacity of
Tangible Substantiality in a
Waxing state of Appreciation.

The Augmenting Presence
or the Ameliorate Influence
of the Element of Fire
and the Positive Influence
of the Visceral
In the Gradual Lightening of
Spring's Ascending Warmth
Mid May, 10:00 am.

The Analytical Steps of
Investive Addition and the
PreConscious Thoughts
of a Straightforward Particle
in Anabolic Cultivation.

Passively Objective Thoughts
of the PreConscious
Seizing Progressively
in the Lightening of Dark.

Actively Expelling from the
Forceful Power and
Condensed Intensity of the
Hot Arid Fire of an

The Diverging or Dissemination
of the Cardinal Insides
at a Transitory Instance
of Flux.

The Moderate Devotion of
Positive Dedication
and the Smiles of the
Good, Happy and Glad.

Along a Babbling Brook
in the Warming of a Spring Morning
with Cold Air and a Warm Breeze
through Invigorating Oak Trees
a White Female Dog
Runs through Flower Petals
Smelling with Nose the Forceful Fire
of Life's Ameliorate Passions


6A 6A 6A 6A 6A 6A 6A 6A 6A


Below are a few examples of what might be derived from this Quintagram / Tarot Card / Number of Numerology / Constellation of Influence by way of acts of interpretation. Some are from personal experience. Some are just brainstormed possibilities being tossed out there. If nothing is found anywhere on this page that seems like it might fit the situation at hand, be sure to examine the other pages of possible interpretations and important keywords found at the bottom of this page, as well as other locations around this site. Don't be literal. Try to grasp the essence.

These pages are a work in progress.
I am in the process of sorting them from one form to this form, so there may be some repitition and other sloppiness for now.

MP6 of Coins - Adjectives:
Note: Sorting in progress, please be patient and read randomly for now...
(Might use with Position 1 of Binary Spread, or significator card)

  • 3. inviting.
  • 7. detail oriented ~ progressive ~ desirable.
  • 8. good.
  • 9. mature ~ cute and cuddly.
  • 10. outgoing ~ persuasive ~ supportive.
  • 11. prolific.
  • 12. tenacious.
  • 13. generous ~ magnanimous ~ fortunate.
  • 16. utilized.
  • 18. aggrandizing.
  • 19. deserving ~ privileged ~ upwardly mobile ~ dedicated.
  • 20. totally immersed.
  • 21. enriched ~ needed ~ valued ~ called upon ~ receptive to whatever comes.

MP6 of Coins - Nouns:
Note: Sorting in progress, please be patient and read randomly for now...
(Might use for Position 1 of Binary Spread)

  • 2. good memory - iron clad memory.
  • 3. an acquisitive mood ~ a certain charm.
  • 4. a jeweler ~ a merchant ~ a salesperson.
  • 5. a good judge of character ~ a sexual mate - a lover ~ a beneficial visitor ~ a benefactor ~ a wealthy philanthropic person ~ a good samaritan.
  • 6. the kind of person you can call on when in need ~ a kid in a candy shop ~ the object of affection.
  • 7. a new toy.
  • 8. alot of very dedicated people ~ wedding gifts ~ possessions.
  • 10. a situation that will mature alot ~ an inheritance ~ great needs that only you can fill.
  • 11. trivia ~ more.
  • 12. what everyone wants ~ windfall profits ~ a marriage proposal.
  • 15. an increasing sense of self worth.
  • 17. a promotion with more pay ~ making alot of money ~ making rapid progress.

MP6 of Coins - Verbs:
Note: Sorting in progress, please be patient and read randomly for now...
(Might use for Position 2, 4, 6 or 8 of Binary Spread)

  • 1. getting priorities straight ~ making progress happen ~ remembering everything about everyone ever met ~ getting what you want when you want it ~ assessing value and worth of things in a ‘money’ way and people in a ‘potential’ way ~ a growing family ~ profits ~ windfall profits ~ seasonal windfall profits ~ great rewards ~ acquisitions ~ a tax refund ~ a really sweet deal ~ an invitation ~ a proposal ~ a promotion ~ personal growth ~ a good upbringing ~ tenacity ~ attention to detail ~ unbelievable cravings ~ self-preservation ~ material needs ~ improving conditions ~ improvement ~ opportunity to grow and advance ~ opportunity to take all you want ~ fecundity ~ pregnancy ~ important developments ~ involvement ~ support ~ fame and fortune ~ luxury ~ wealth ~ prosperity ~ deliverance ~ salvation ~ a wealth of resources to exploit ~ participation ~ state of steady acquisitions ~ accumulation ~ progress that is steady and increasingly advantageous ~ incubation ~ nourishment ~ convalescence ~ progress ~ growth ~ an acceleration of progress ~ advancement ~ guarded advancement ~ attack (by you or others on your behalf) ~ something you want or need calling to you ~ a search for investors ~ sexual intercourse ~ an overhaul ~ a beefing up ~ gestations ~ germination ~ reimbursement - payday ~ a raise in your allowance ~ people joining your cause ~ money you lent being paid back ~ becoming more and more popular ~ being involved ~ making a good investment ~ responding to a need ~ getting involved ~ earning your keep - doing your share ~ putting back together things other people put asunder ~ trying to get a foothold and gain an advantage ~ using your advantages ~ grabbing and holding on tight ~ protecting your investment ~ making lots of money ~ cashing in on an inheritance ~ meeting people ~ making friends ~ trying to contact people with money ~ raising funds with a fund raiser ~ collecting things ~ collecting data ~ gathering flowers ~ buying in order to sell ~ rewarding a good performance ~ rewarding yourself ~ spreading seeds ~ exchanging presents ~ following a predictable path ~ acting in accordance with your needs ~ making progress ~ overcoming poverty ~ doing more good ~ amassing great wealth ~ growing ~ advancing steadily ~ gaining the advantage over your enemies ~ sticking to your beliefs ~ encouraging people ~ reaching out to others ~ proceeding with your convictions ~ getting your act together ~ blossoming ~ weighing evidence - evaluating determining ultimate worth ~ determining your priorities - what’s of value ~ assessing your net worth ~ reviewing options ~ reviewing progress ~ taking an inventory of goods ~ taking an inventory of potential ~ letting people grow ~ hanging in there ~ trying to improve the standard of living for yourself and others ~ sticking to your guns ~ calling in some favors ~ being in a position of advantage ~ being needed by someone ~ being accepted for who you are ~ being fulfilled ~ being given a chance to improve conditions ~ being offered a promotion ~ getting things ~ getting things for free ~ getting results ~ getting gifts ~ getting money you were counting on ~ getting more money than you expected ~ getting a refund ~ having all the advantages ~ having offers made to you - people wanting you! ~ knowing what you want and wanting it bad ~ acquiring something of value that you can really use ~ winning the grand prize ~ finding buried treasure ~ getting what you want ~ getting a good response ~ getting alot of support ~ being asked to come back again ~ being penetrated by another in a literal or metaphorical way ~ embracing it all ~ being beckoned by an invitation ~ having sex like rabbits ~ getting involved more than you thought and liking it ~ maturing alot ~ supporting others ~ being invited somewhere by someone ~ getting involved ~ accumulating a great mass of something ~ getting that reward or being rewarded ~ doing good ~ re-capturing a moment ~ being drawn into a situation ~ growing ~ making progress.

MP6 of Coins - Reactions:
(thoughts, opinions, feelings, observations, guiding voice)
(Might use for position 3, 5, 7 or 9 of Binary Spread)

  • 3. it moves you forward.
  • 4. I’m sold - very persuasive ~ you get what you pay for.
  • 5. it’s nice to be needed or wanted ~ its all mine ~ I am the richest person in the world right now.
  • 6. I embrace it ~ I have more yet to acquire ~ charge!
  • 7. I have certain needs that have to be met.
  • 8. progress is good ~ the honest penny is better than the stolen dollar ~ cheat me in the price but not the goods ~ happy is the man who owes nothing ~ better the envy of enemies than the pity of friends ~ proverbs are the jewels of wisdom ~ there is strength in numbers ~ the worth of a thing is best known by the want of it ~ saving a few cents can make alot of sense-----very much appreciative to all involved ~ feel like you owe someone something ~ seem to know what you want and won’t stop until you get it ~ to be part of it all ~ want what’s best for all ~ to be wanted ~ feel a need to progress and get some results soon ~ need for your teddy bear ~ need to know there will be some kind of reward before you get involved.

MP6 of Coins - Predictions:
(what might happen)
(Might use for Position 6, 7, 8 or 9 of Binary Spread)

  • you will benefit from other peoples misfortune in a guiltless manner ~ you will benefit the most from all this ~ your career will advance by leaps and bounds ~ you will make alot of progress ~ you will make alot of money off this ~ you will reap what you have sown ~ you’ll get by on what you’ve got - it’s enough ~ you’ll be set for life ~ when you add things up at the end - you’ll have more than you thought

MP6 of Coins - Life Biased Advice:
(admonitions, words of wisdom, proverbs, maxims, epigrams, aphorisms)
(Might use for any position of Binary Spread)

  • don’t be too demanding ~ don’t give up now ~ hold on ~ hold on the cavalry is on its way ~ you must gather more support ~ find recruits ~ fill out the ranks ~ bring outsiders in ~ grab hold of this opportunity and take what you can get ~ save your money ~ just follow the simple step by step procedure given to you and all will be well ~ appreciate what you have now ~ embrace the future ~ get involved ~ invite someone else along ~ look at this as progress ~ think of the rewards ~ don’t be afraid to accept what is coming to you ~ take what is being given to you ~ believe in yourself and your worth ~ look for ways to grow and mature ~ don’t let anythin go to waste ~ count your blessings ~ go back to where you came from ~ be aware of the needs and wishes of others ~ you go girl - work it!
  • you need to even the score ~ you need to produce more ~ do more ~ you need to market your product ~ you gotta get out there and sell, sell, sell ~ you need to add to your collection and fill it out ~ you need an agent ~ you need to find something that will bring you some rewards.
  • ask and you shall receive ~ one cannot learn to swim in a field ~ he who wants should not be bashful ~ the squeaky wheel gets the grease ~ he that bringeth a present finds the door open ~ worth makes the man and want of it the fellow ~ reward sweetens labor ~ lay up something for a rainy day ~ by the hands of many a great work is made light ~ measure twice - cut once.

All words and images Copyright © 2008 by Guy Palm

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