Change to Extreme [0]
Change the Measure/Appraisal [1]
Change the Mode/Mindset [2]
Change the Method/Approach [3]
Change the Manner/Viewpoint [4]
Change the Means/Appetite [5]

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of the

of the

of the

of the

out, and
all wouds.

Moderate Seven of Addition - Diamond - Coin

The Credible Realization:
Triumphant Victory Prevailing
Graceful Aplomb Achieving


Calmness - PEACE - Solace
Nice - Pleasing

success by


The Saint:
Agent of Calmness and Empathy
... and The Virtuist

Sanctuary, solace, comfort, savior
In human culture of every flavor
Spiritual transport, religious deed
Imaginary chariot, imaginary steed

A dignified ecclesiastic is preaching
A religious pantheist is praying


M 7 of [+] Diamonds - [11010}
The Credible Realization:
-- Triumphant & Crowning

Arriving, triumphant and victorious
Aplomb and graceful, meritorious
Safety, solace, a moment to savor
Blessing, every good boy deserves favor

Triumphant victory asserting
Graceful aplomb crowning

COURT - (one half)

The Prominent Philosopher
Arriving triumphant, easy for some
Asserting victory, graceful, aplomb

Feeling the Skin
of a Tactile Soul
and the Sensations from a
Intimate Surface.




[1] Measure:









M 7 of [+] Addition - Diamond - Coin - [11010}

[0] [1]
Persuasion of Person:
--Imagine... a peaceful pause.
--Imagine... blood pumping.

A person who is peaceful and vivifying.
A person who is adept, adroit and poised for success.
A person who is spiritually blessed.
--Imagine... a saint.
A Kindred spirit.
--Imagine... a twin.
--Imagine... someone who "gets" you.

-----------------------^ Optional ^-----------------------

[1] [1]
Precession of Cycle:

Late May, 10:30 am.
A respite while the crops grow and mature.
--Imagine... a man pausing to admire his crop of tomatoes.
--Imagine... a musical interlude.

[2] [1]
Perception of Thing:

Seeing it as a sign to go on.
--Imagine... things happening easily.
A comforting thought.
Something graceful and sensitive.
--Imagine... paint sweeping across a canvas.
--Imagine... someone being canonized.
A good idea realized.
A joke that is "gotten."
A point that is eloquently made.
A connection made.
An option chosen that suddenly feels totally right.

[3] [0]
Progression of Event:

A result that is victorious.
--Imagine... pieces falling into place.
--Imagine... standing back and declaring a work of art done.
A short pause.
--Imagine... throwing coins in the toll booth basket and continuing on.
A graceful transition.
A brief pause to consider what's next.
A brief pause of contemplation.
Reaching a point that says "Yes."
Easing into a situation and getting used to it.
Getting mentally comfortable with something.
Gliding right through.

[4] [1]
Perspective of Place:

A place that is safe.
A sanctuary.
--Imagine... a church with spires to the heavens.
The end of a limb, from which a jump to heaven is made.

[5] [0]
Pulsation of Phase:

A situation that is ripe.
--Imagine... tomatoes ripening.
--Imagine... a lion about to pounce.
Arrival at a pivotal moment - no turning back.
--Imagine someone "popping the question."
A smooth turning point toward success.
--Imagine... a king in a triumphal chariot.
--Imagine... a bird lighting upon satin cushions.
A situation that is easing up.
--Imagine... wounds healing.
A thought that is reassuring.
A plan that is working.
Arrival at a realization.
--Imagine... results that are better than expected.

A Constellation of Influence about:

The Tangential Association of
Kindred Identical and
Proximal Assimilated things.

The Issuant Pause of an
Incremental Process amid
Firm Resolute Order.

The Physical Approach of
Tangible Reality in a
Waxing state of Appreciation.

The Augmenting Presence
and Ameliorate Influence
of the Element of Earth
and the Positive Influence
of the Sensorial
In the Gradual Lightening of
Spring's Ascending Warmth
Late May, 10:30 am.

The Analytical Steps of
Investive Addition and the
PreConscious Thoughts
of a Straightforward Particle
in Anabolic Cultivation.

Passively Objective Thoughts
of the PreConscious
Seizing Progressively
in the Lightening of Dark.

Passively Expelling from the
Formative Texture and
Terrestrial Density of the
Warm Moist Earth of a

The Diverging or Dissemination
of the Cardinal Insides
at a Stationary Interlude
of Stasis.

The Moderate Devotion of
Positive Dedication
and the Smiles of the
Good, Happy and Glad.

Along a Babbling Brook
in the Warmth of a Spring Day Time
with Cold Air and a Warm Breeze
through Invigorating Oak Trees
a White Female Dog
Sits on Flower Petals
Feeling with Skin the Forming Earth
of Life's Ameliorate Connections


7A 7A 7A 7A 7A 7A 7A 7A 7A


Below are a few examples of what might be derived from this Quintagram / Tarot Card / Number of Numerology / Constellation of Influence by way of acts of interpretation. Some are from personal experience. Some are just brainstormed possibilities being tossed out there. If nothing is found anywhere on this page that seems like it might fit the situation at hand, be sure to examine the other pages of possible interpretations and important keywords found at the bottom of this page, as well as other locations around this site. Don't be literal. Try to grasp the essence.

These pages are a work in progress.
I am in the process of sorting them from one form to this form, so there may be some repitition and other sloppiness for now.

MP7 of Coins - Adjectives:
Note: Sorting in progress, please be patient and read randomly for now...
(Might use with Position 1 of Binary Spread, or significator card)

  • 1. doesn’t need to plan much at all.
  • 4. sheik.
  • 5. sensual.
  • 6. sophisticated.
  • 7. serious ~ vivifying.
  • 8. safe ~ non-violent ~ in step with the times ~ in sync.
  • 9. graceful.
  • 10. careful.
  • 11. sentient.
  • 12. adroit ~ very adept ~ sensible.
  • 13. ready for action ~ poised ~ natural and poised amid anxiety ~ sensitive to environment ~ successful.
  • 16. realistic ~ ripe for the picking.
  • 17. exquisite ~ pleasing to the senses.
  • 19. so easy.
  • 20. scientific.
  • 21. calm ~ calm under pressure ~ triumphant ~ victorious ~ on a roll ~ ready ~ ready to move on ~ ready right now - no need to stop and think ~ touched ~ comfortable.

MP7 of Coins - Nouns:
Note: Sorting in progress, please be patient and read randomly for now...
(Might use for Position 1 of Binary Spread)

  • 4. a philosopher ~ a designer ~ a scientist.
  • 5. a planner and dreamer ~ an idea person ~ a reality accepting empirist.
  • 7. a lion crouching and ready to leap.
  • 8. crystallized creativity ~ a portal.
  • 10. the right approach ~ a totally correct and good approach ~ a new approach ~ a plan ~ a good - realistic plan ~ a simple plan ~ a new plan that needs to be tested ~ a contingency plan.
  • 11. simplicity ~ sameness ~ tangibles ~ tranquility ~ comfort ~ sanctuary ~ great success ~ triumph ~ victory ~ common sense ~ finesse ~ good design ~ reality ~ life/living (see GP3+ for life/creation).
  • 12. a dream come true ~ a lucky streak ~ a victory within reach ~ a sleek design ~ a life of its own ~ a feather in your cap.
  • 13. a sense of reality ~ the thrill of victory ~ self-realization.
  • 15. calm acceptance ~ calmness ~ adoration of a physical body.
  • 16. everything running smoothly according to plans ~ things beginning to materialize ~ the materialization of labor’s objective ~ the playing of your music.
  • 17. the successful realization of a dream ~ a dream coming true ~ a sure and swift victory ~ things getting easier as you go ~ a situation requiring swift action and good planning ~ a solemn occasion ~ a magic moment ~ a brief lull in activity ~ a reality check.
  • 18. a graceful transition ~ a mellifluous transition ~ the easy life ~ self-expression ~ scientific inquiry.
  • 20. a sanctuary ~ a sanctum sanctorum.
  • 21. a critical point in progress - a turning point ~ a place that is right in your comfort zone ~ the threshold between reality and imagination.

MP7 of Coins - Verbs:
Note: Sorting in progress, please be patient and read randomly for now...
(Might use for Position 2, 4, 6 or 8 of Binary Spread)

  • 1. gliding right through ~ “winging it” ~ coping with your problems rather well ~ playing it safe ~ rolling with the punches and taking it in stride ~ taking swift action ~ maneuvering swiftly ~ finessing through a minefield ~ taking an artistic pause ~ waiting for that intuitive moment ~ using graceful entrance ~ slipping into something comfortable ~ getting naked ~ exploring your body ~ doing whatever is most convenient for you ~ striving for self-realization and victory ~ hitting any bullseye with only one try ~ observing physics ~ jumping right in and doing a great job without even trying - your so good ~ just doing it - like it was a natural thing to do - no hesitation ~ finding a place that is comfortable ~ hitting your stride ~ developing a technique ~ mastering your craft ~ waiting for something to materialize ~ making the world a safer place ~ using common sense approach ~ remaining calm ~ dealin’ with it ~ playing it safe ~ making plans ~ going with your original plan ~ developing a financial plan ~ contemplating philosophical ideas ~ planning a dreaming ~ visualizing your victory ~ leaping at an opportunity ~ overcoming difficulty ~ not letting it bother you ~ taking things in stride ~ wondering if this is real ~ coming to grips with reality ~ trying to keep the conversation rooted in reality ~ following your bliss no matter what ~ coming to your senses ~ seeing the answer in your dreams ~ making it - yeah! ~ playing with the hand that was dealt to you ~ being on the verge or threshold of something ~ being so close you can taste it ~ being on a roll ~ being the agent of someone else’s success ~ being swept off your feet ~ being recognized as the great designer you are ~ getting flattery ~ having instant rapport ~ having everything go according to plans ~ having everything just fall into place ~ having your plans approved ~ having your prayers answered ~ knowing what you are doing ~ moving swiftly along.

MP7 of Coins - Reactions:
(thoughts, opinions, feelings, observations, guiding voice)
(Might use for position 3, 5, 7 or 9 of Binary Spread)

  • 1. I’m o.k. with it.
  • 5. it’s a difficult situation but I can cope with it ~ I think I’m taking it well ~ things are exactly what I thought they would be ~ finally my time has arrived ~ wow the plan is working ~ reality - what a concept.
  • 6. no turning back ~ I gotta do it now - the time is ripe ~ I gotta go for it ~ this should be easy or at least get easier ~ I know just what to do.
  • 7. I’m ready ~ I don’t do schlock.
  • 8. it matters to me ~ there is a critical minute for all things ~ for the pious - paradise exists everywhere ~ success is by acting not wishing ~ it is better to be safe than sorry ~ success comes in cans not can’ts ~ don’t waste a day ~ live and let live ~ isn’t it great to be alive? ~ when you are in love you don’t count the days - you savor the moments ~ perfection is not accident,------ feel comfortable with things the way they are ~ feel closer than ever before ~ feel a need to be serious ~ want to get right into it ~ feel as though you can do no wrong ~ feel as though you have “arrived”.

MP7 of Coins - Predictions:
(what might happen)
(Might use for Position 6, 7, 8 or 9 of Binary Spread)

  • your plans will work ~ Godspeed ~ you will triumph ~ you will succeed ~ everything is going to work out just fine ~ things will get easier ~ things are going to get alot easier and run alot smoother than you ever imagined ~ does the phrase “smooth as silk” mean anything to you ~ you will be very comfortable in the future ~ when the time is right you will know it and act swiftly without hesitation ~ you’ve got the right approach - things should go very well.

MP7 of Coins - Life Biased Advice:
(admonitions, words of wisdom, proverbs, maxims, epigrams, aphorisms)
(Might use for any position of Binary Spread)

  • remain calm ~ don’t worry - be happy ~ be realistic ~ be civilized.
  • keep your dignity - don’t give them the satisfaction ~ you are at a turning point - don’t linger too long ~ go - do it now ~ don’t think too long about it just go ~ play it cool boy ~ appreciate things that matter ~ show you care ~ run with it ~ go for it dude ~ why don’t you just wing it - you have the talent ~ simplify, simplify, simplify ~ try another design it might work better ~ plan well ~ close your eyes, cross your fingers and go through that red light ~ be swift in your actions ~ don’t take time to ponder ~ if you are an artist - draw faster ~ don’t plan every stroke ~ do not allow your mind to be altered - stick to reality ~ follow through with you plans - by all means ~ your plans are blessed - go! ~ you have a good design - go with it.
  • the time is ripe, now.
  • timing is everything ~ life is what you make it ~ life - like a kiss - is sweet but soon over.

All words and images Copyright © 2008 by Guy Palm

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