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A new and improved version of the book All Things Are Numbers is now available for purchase as an eBook!
A new publication of web essays entitled All Things Are Patterns is also available for purchase as an eBook!
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I am now doing readings, using my unique approach to tarot. If you would like me to do a reading for you go to this page here.
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The Numerical Tarot III
is Available
in Print!!


The Numerical Tarot deck that appears on this web site is an early version. I used to publish it myself. That was too hard. So I decided to upload it all to an online site that prints tarot decks on demand. But the card size used by the print on demand site did not match my original card size. So I reformatted everything to fit the new size. The new size was wider so I decided to put backgrounds into the Major Trumps to fill the space. That birthed the Numerical Tarot II, shown below. But that deck did not have fully illustrated pips in the Minor Suits.

There are a lot of people who interpret more from images than from knowledge of intended meanings. For those people I always wanted to have fully illustrated pip cards in my Numerical deck. Now, thanks to this new and improve version, I do. I tried to copy over as much from the illustrated pips that exist in The Isomorphic Tarot deck, shown below, and combine that with full figures in scenes doing things that express the essence of each card. I also included a few things from traditional tarot, just for fun. To see the entire deck, go here.

I like the smaller poker sized card, so these are done in that size. If you want to purchase a copy you can go here:




The Numerical Tarot II
is Available
in Print!!


In an earlier version of The Numerical Tarot I adjusted the version that is shown elsewhere in this site, to fit the dimensions used by a print-on-demand web site. I also did some adjusting to the key words and put more of them on each card. However... this version does not have fully illustrated pip cards in the Minor Suits. Some of the Major Trumps are also earlier versions than that of Deck III, shown above. So there might be a few key image elements that are different from this deck and The Numerical Tarot III, shown above. It is also done in the larger, standard tarot deck size. If you are interested in this deck you can purchase copies here:




I've also published The Isomorphic Tarot. This deck is also a new and improved version, with most of the same keywords as seen on the new and improved Numerical Tarot deck mentioned above. This deck is less popular because of some nudity and gore. People who prefer decks that mitigate the extreme, will probably not like this deck.

The Isomorphic Tarot
is Available
in Print!!




I've also published an even earlier deck called The Seasonal Tarot. This deck is also a new and improved version, with some of the same keywords as seen on the new and improved Numerical Tarot decks mentioned above.

The Seasonal Tarot
is Available
in Print!!



I opened an Etsy shop in order to sell talismanic amulet/medallion/pendant art,
based on the patterns used througout this web site.

Etsy Shop is Temporarily Closed

Everything we know is in our mind. Everything in our mind is electrical impulses moving along pathways, making patterns of recognition, that we use to construct a form of reality, that we can then utilize, in order to move our manifest forms through space in ways we think are fit for life. Perception = Patterns, thus: All Things Are Patterns. Attach numbers to those patterns and... All Things Are Numbers. The medallion/talisman/pendant/mandalas that appear in my Etsy shop are works of art that have been inspired by an important pattern of recognition, used by the study of consciousness being presented everywhere on this site.

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