A better operating system ! A slightly controvercial deck! An early attempt in color! An even earlier attempt, updated.
Really, really rough sketches of the
Numerical Tarot Major Icons
A logical approach
to naming the cards.
An attempt to unite
Minors with seasons.
A deck about opposites
taking sides...

Hello, and welcome to the The Numerical Tarot, The Isomorphic Tarot and The Seasonal Tarot. These few pages are devoted to giving you a brief look at the artwork of these unique tarot decks.

If you have arrived here from you might want to jump to the home page of this site, and start at the beginning. Or perhaps you are looking for my interpretation pages, to use with my deck and the orphalese software?

The links above will take you to some older decks that I have drawn. I used to have a deck called The Isomorphic Tarot, perhaps you've used it with the Orphalese software. It was too gruesome for some, so my mother and I made The Numerical Tarot, to be a bit less gruesome. The NAMES link will take you to pages that help explain how all the words on this deck came to be. To see The Numerical Tarot deck itself, click on one of the cards below.

 The Major Icons

 The Minor Suits

 The Court Cards

The Quaternary

The Major Arcana The Minor Arcana The Court Cards

You should also not leave here without reading The Two Cent Tour and The Nickel Tour. Together they explain the unique features of the "All Things Are Numbers" approach used in The Numerical Tarot. In The Numerical Tarot you will find a very definite system of underlying organization that helps connect every card in the deck to every other card in the deck.

The Numerical Tarot and its accompanying book "All Things Are Numbers" are my two cents worth to add to the muddled world of Tarot. If it ever gets published you can judge for yourself whether I accomplish the goal expressed in the introduction or the Nickel Tour. Right now you are here to see some of the art work. Click below to see more.

To purchase a copy of this deck go here here. For a complete layout of this deck go here.

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