Early Sketches for The Numerical Tarot

The Numerical Tarot was drawn in part by my talented mother, Charlene F. Palm. She agreed to collaborate with me, even though she has no interest in, or knowledge about, tarot... at all! I agreed to collaborate with her, because I knew that that wouldn't matter. As an artist, I knew that her experience as a trained observer of life would be all she would need to capture the archetypal essence of each character. As suspected, I only needed to give her a small amount of direction and let her improvise the rest. I think the end result came out great! But... along the way, there were so many other ideas sketched out, that looking back fills me with regrets about not being able to use every drawing ever done. So this page provides some links to pages that display rough sketches of alternative ideas that could just as well replace any other in the creation of a Tarot deck based on the system of analysis being offered on this site. One page shows sketches done by me to help my mother understand what each card is about. Others show sketches of the same ideas done by my mother. Another shows some very different looking sketches done by my mother brainstorming other possibilities for how to illustrate some of the key words being thrown out to her by me.

My mother has been a helpful influence in the creation of all my decks. Before my mother agreed to help with one more collaboration, I had started some sketches of my own. I showed them to her... She also looked at the illustrations we had done for previous decks.
Back when creating The Isomorphic Tarot, my mother and I bounced ideas off each other. Her sketches are a lot more interesting than mine. Here is a deck of Majors only, constructed from various sketching sessions. I've added key words for titles that I think are most appropriate to the illustration that was done.
Here is another deck of Majors only, made from another single sketching session where my mother departed a bit from the direction that had been given thus far, to suggest other possibilities. I've added key words for titles that I think are most appropriate to the illustration that was done.
Here is an attempt to draw my sketch of The Muse in Illustrator. Some day I might finish the rest of them this way.
Here is a sketch of The Haunt by my mother.
Here is a sketch by my mother of The Sinner that is drawn from The Wretched Heathen of The Isomorphic Tarot.
Here are some pencil sketches of still life ideas for the Numerical Tarot minors.

Here are some sketches by another artist.

Stan Ford

Here is another sketch by another artist.

Victoria Ying

Here are some sketches by another artist.

Nicolas Villarreal

Here are some sketches by another artist.

Sara Welland

Here are some sketches by another artist.

Kierston van de Kraat

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