Tarot on Dice!

Putting a tarot deck onto the sides of dice is not a new idea. But, unlike many tarot decks out there today, The Numerical Tarot is uniquely suited for such a diametrical arrangement of ideas across sides.

In The Numerical Tarot, cards of the Major Icons relate to the cards of the Minor Suits in a very direct, specific and systemic way. For every Major Icon card, there are two cards in the Minors that say the same thing, only in more elaborate ways. The Numerical Tarot is also extremely balanced, using symmetry and contrast between cards of the Majors, and suits of the Minors. In The Numerical Tarot, the Major Icons are split between light and dark, as are the suits of the Minors. Two light suits, two dark suits insure that a complete vocabulary of human experience is covered.

The Numerical Tarot deck has Major Icons, a Minor Suits and a Court just like a regular tarot deck. But, in The Numerical Tarot, the four suits, and their corresponding Majors create a grid matrix of ideas that are particularly useful. With that in mind, presenting these ideas on the faces of a cube seems natural. With one Major and two Minors that are light, and one Major and two Minors that are dark, six possibilities emerge for each number of numerology, upon which The Numerical Tarot is based. Opposite concepts situated on opposite sides of a cube accentuate the balance, symmetry, contrast and consistency that is the hallmark of The Numerical Tarot design. Every side has another side! This arrangement of The Numerical Tarot across sides of dice is a good way to always remember those important words.

Assembly Required: These dice are not engraved onto wood or ivory (not yet anyway). For now, they are paper, folded together in such a way as to create a somewhat solid cube that can be tossed like a die. They don't have the weight of wood or ivory, they are more like ping-pong balls, or lottery balls... except cubed!

Pull them from a bag like Runes. Toss them from a container like Yahtzee. Lay them out in a spread. Or pull one a day, just like a regular deck of cards.

Then... look around this site for various sources of meaning.

Start here with the cards

Then here with all kinds of other key words and possible interpretations


Three versions of dice!

Download the PDF for the version that uses signs.

Download the PDF for the version that uses symbols.

Download the PDF for the version that uses colors.

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