When I became a cashier, no one ever explained all the switches that drive the two belts of the register. For a long time, I just used the main switch to turn off both belts, whenever things piled up at the bagger's end. That meant that the belt people used to load their stuff stopped too. Not the best solution.

Finally, someone explained that I could use this one switch combination to stop the bagger's belt and keep the customer's belt active. But... as soon as this was pointed out to me, I decided that I did not want to lean over and grope around for a switch I couldn't see, 200 times a day! So I decided to invent a way for that switch to be moved higher up, where I could see it and switch it while standing up or even moving around.

I used coat hanger wire. Bent it around with great precision. Secured it with hooks. It works! Everyone likes it! Genius.

Hire genius! Train for skills. You want someone who looks for better ways of doing things. Hire that, and train for skills.