Photography Back

I used to shoot preliminary photography of products, before they were sent to the studio. I would consult with developers about what parts of their product they wanted to feature, and then seek out the best vantage point to achieve that goal. I would put their product on a turntable to easily find different perspectives and angles. I'd shoot low, I'd shoot high, with normal angles and dramatic angles, and give them printouts of possible options. The ones that were picked, went to the studio. So even though I was not using professional lighting or equipment, or professional techniques, I played a major role in deciding how each product should be shot. The studio was mostly copying what I and the developer would decide to be the best shots. Unfortunately... I didn't save any samples. But... I have shot products with my little camera a few times before. Here are some samples of product photography... and the necessary image enhancement that follows when not using professional equipment.