Résumé for Guy Palm 2015

GUY PALM : Designer • Illustrator • Production Artist • Assistant • And so much more!
Evanston Illinois • Cell: 847-687-8664 • guy@palmprints.com


A knowledgeable and versatile talent, with excellent design and production skills. Looking for an opportunity to apply and expand skills in a happy and healthy company that recognizes character and develops potential. I will layout great designs, eat through volumes of production work and build tools and bridges. I will get you organized and running efficiently. Everything will be pixel-perfect and functional. In the past, I've been re-hired by three different companies who have recognized and appreciated my skills and enthusiasm. More than once I have had job descriptions invented just so I could be hired into them! I bring creativity, innovation and a positive attitude wherever I go.

Digital Image Creation & Manipulation Scanning, Retouching, Color Correcting & OptimizingPrint and Digital Design & TypographyIllustration & CartoonsLogo Design • Repetitive, Routine Production Art • Organization & Implementation • Bindery & Hand Work • Typesetting & Data Entry
and a bit of: Audio & Visual EditingAnimation • Pre-Press

Photoshop CS6Illustrator CS6 • InDesign CS6 • Dreamweaver CS6 • PowerPoint
and a bit of: Acrobat • Word • Excel • 3D

Speaker Support Slide PresentationsMultimedia Presentations • Administrative Assistance • Print Advertising • Print Bindery • Web Image Creation and a tiny bit of Coding

I save time and money everywhere I go:
• I invented and manufactured my own equipment and shot FPO photography.
• I invented and manufactured a gadget for scanning 8x10 transparencies without Newton Rings.
• I scanned old transparencies to add to the library of available backgrounds and pattern art.
• I maintained a huge library of InDesign templates that were made with utmost precision and care.
• I helped with design and retouching overflow as well as production art work and code debugging.
• I invented and manufactured a space-saving method of archiving discs. Genius!
• I create images. I optimize images. I type boring text slides, make and enhance charts, update fine print on templates, archive and retrieve files by the hundreds, scan, draw, photograph and layout great designs!! There are a million and one ways any good company could use me!

Here's why you will want to work with me:
• I am a team player… who works well independently. Headphones off… headphones on.
• I am a self-starter… who is good at taking direction. Leader today… soldier tomorrow.
• I am a multi-tasker... who is very focused. Wearing many hats… of unflappable mindfulness.
• I am a detail oriented person… who sees the big picture. Pixel-perfect… and functional overall.
• I am a visual person… with good verbal skills. Using nuance and metaphor… to make a point.
• I am a serious guy... with a sense of humor. Logical and practical outside… goofy and fun inside.
• I am a resourceful tool builder and inventor who always finds a way to make things work.
• I label my layers, comment my code, serial save files with proper naming conventions and put things back where they belong! I set a good example for efficiency and attention to detail.


2014-Present - Cashier
Working at a food store, while job searching. I am an exceptional bagger and cart wrangler! Recently promoted to cashier. Also volunteered to help with maintenance. Using my design and organization skills to voluntarily improve training materials and other resources for every department I’ve been in. I do good work and help others no matter what job I am in.

2001-2010 - Content Specialist

The go-to person for daily maintenance and organization of a very large and busy advertising department. Started as a temp, and a position was created just for me and my skills. I whipped an unorganized department into shape and keep it that way for years, even after several other departments were merged into one. I did technical work. I did design work. I did everything needed, including scanning, retouching, drawing flawless clipping paths, updating logo and art device library, creating perfect templates and organizing file servers and disc archives.

I collaborated on the development of a digital asset management system, which I maintained with metadata. So I was a quality control point, as all product images went through me. I was also a liaison to the international offices needing our files. I occasionally helped with hardware, software and pre-press troubleshooting, as well as consulting on design issues and doing design work. I also wrote documentation of processes for orientation of new employees and freelancers. And supported Licensing, Pre-press, Web, IT, Marketing, Design and Photo Studio. I work well with everyone.

As a result of ever-increasing scope of responsibilities, I was promoted from Administrative Assistant to Content Specialist.

1999-2000 - Graphic Specialist

Faithfully executed daily design and production of web site graphics, including original drawings, cartoons and Photoshop artistry. Designed the opening graphic on the home page every day. Each design had to relate to a specific topic of a featured article. Writers would often ask me to draw cartoons or illustrations to go with other articles as well.

Moved comfortably from production work to design of User Interface ideas utilized in special online web features. While ultimately collaborative, I would always submit more than one idea.

Designed an actual trophy for a special Britannica award. Designed weather symbols and web site channel icons that were immediately approved by the owner without any revisions - fellow designers were amazed by that! I also managed freelance help. Worked on both Mac and Windows computers.

1996-1999 - User Interface Designer

On the job training in a multitude of software programs, including video editing and processing with After Effects. Sound editing and processing with ProTools and SoundEdit16. Programming with Authorware and Director. Animation with Flash and Infini-D and Poser.

Collaborated with others on Graphic User Interface design, contributing pixel-perfect spot illustrations, audio and video production, animation and interactive programming and debugging. Created custom interactive CDs for companies like Reuters, Sandoz, Walgreens, Bellcore, GBC, Boise.

Also independently managed the Lions Clubs International web site with eight language translations.

1988-1995 - Computer Artist
CLICKS, INC. - Northbrook, IL

Hired without experience and self taught on graphics software, creating logos, custom clip art, scanning, retouching and special effects for speaker-support slide presentations. Doubled existing symbols library with custom illustrations. Later self taught on Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint and other software, producing presentations for companies like Baxter, Abbott and Sears.

Worked on Mac and Windows computers. Also responsible for all hand work. I printed to a large format printer, mounted onto foam core, and laminated large signs. Hired and later re-hired again.

1983-1992 - Art Department

A one-person art department. Started as a temp. When supervisor quit I was given a battlefield promotion. I was responsible for all type, art, stripping, plate making, bindery, mailing and later, part-time personnel. Hired and later re-hired again, twice.

1985-1986 - Art Department

Started at front counter sales, running large copiers, assisting customers, and doing all bindery work. Because of versatility and enthusiasm, owners bought a Compugraphic Typesetter and asked me to create an art department.

1976-1981 - Art Department

Started at front counter sales, taking in print orders and doing bindery work. Later took over art department. Made numerous improvements in efficiency. Hired and later re-hired again.

New Trier High School, Winnetka, IL - 1975
Participated in “The Center for Self-Directed Learning”, an experimental educational program. Emphasis was in learning how to learn and taking responsibility for your own education.

Santa Ana Community College, Santa Ana, CA - 1975 One semester.
Lynda.com online training tutorials - Ongoing forever

Text Written "Virtual Interview" is available
Ask me about hiring incentives and relocation at my own expense!!