Making Stuff


Employers like employees who are resourceful.
Hire the resourceful, they will never let you down!

While working at a food store, our manager decided we should remove everything from our front lobby, so that the floor could be cleaned every night. Removing carts was easy, but it also meant removing stacks of plastic red baskets by putting them into carts every night and then lifting them back out in the morning - back breaking work. I decided to make a custom crafted dolly to hold all the baskets in the particular configuration that we usually use. This not only meant that moving the baskets was made easier, but it also insured that the baskets were always in the same place and configuration at all times, which was not happening when people had to unload and restack every morning.

You want people who look for ways to make workflow easier for everyone. I do that.
Hire for character, train for skills.

I made a custom crafted dolly to hold red baskets in place.

No more loading and unloading, just roll them away.