[A2] INSPIRATION: The Animated Visionary:
Card of Vision and Discovery

Vision clear, she points the way
Harbinger of another day
With her compass, navigation
Pick the path of destination

An engaging evocator is illuminating
A captivated witness is observing

Similar in many ways to visions of Diana and her eager hounds, this character symbolizes the motivation of a ameliorate 2. She is off and running, down a clear and direct path. She can see for miles, literally and figuratively. She has eyes that sparkle.

The shape of a horn reminds us of the shape of a 2 in the Funnel, Tunnel, Maze diagram. The bow and arrows, along with the bumble bee, again state the idea of aimed motion upon a clear goal, along a straight “bee-line” path of activity.

The rising sun symbolizes the idea of awakening. The tulips in bloom symbolize the idea of emergence and awakening. The breaching dolphin also symbolizes emergence as well as cheerfulness. The two dogs, convey the idea of balance and symmetry and harmony.

2 of [+] The Fluent Action
2 of [X] The Open Relationship
[A2/8] The Floating Euphoria

Antonym: [D2] OBFUSCATION: The Frustrated Waif
Transonym: [A8] EXHILARATION: The Enlightened Enthusiast
Varonym: [Reverse] INFATUATION: The Mesmerized Voyeur
Proxonym: < or >


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Key: [+] = Addition-Diamonds-Coins ... [X] = Multiplication-Hearts-Cups ... [--] = Subtraction-Clubs-Staves ... [ / ] = Division-Spades-Swords

[A] = Ameliorate Major ... [D] = Deteriorate Major

Antonym = Meanings that are opposite in an investive vs. divestive way e.g. [+] to [--], or [X] to [ / ]
Coronym = Meanings that correlate in a quantitative vs. qualitative way e.g. [+] & [X], or [--] & [ / ]
Transonym = Meanings that are equidistantly similar i.e. from the same sphere of influence, e.g. 1&9, or 2&8, or 3&7, or 4&6
Varonym = Meanings that are variable across a spectrum of possibilities that exists across antonymous cards in their upright & reversed states
Proxonym = Meanings that evolve seqentially across each suit from one card to the next

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