[D5] DISSONANCE: The Witch:
Agent of Sorcery and Anarchy

Roil, boil, trouble and strife
Source of curse, cauldron rife
Clashing sides make dangerous potion
Back and forth, disruptive commotion

A recalcitrant agitator is antagonizing
A disruptive delinquent is arguing

A Witch pours a poisonous ingredient into the mix. A turbulent, bubbling froth returns evil vapors. Malfeasance and malpractice bring the promise of transgression. She is a troublemaker with spells and potions that make people go wrong. Her insubordination breeds conflict and altercations.

A Misfit who is unmanageable aggravates and violates. He is fractious and disobedient. He is defiant, he even argues with the forces that brought him into being - biting the hand that feeds him. He is out of control. He is a loser.

This is a card for losers who can't get their act together, people who have problems with authority figures.

5 of [--] The Uncontrolled Middle
5 of [ / ] The Unsettled Union

Antonym: [A5] CONSONANCE: The Wizard
Varonym: [Reverse] DIVERGENCE: The Radical
Proxonym: < or >



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