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The Witty Entertainer:
-- Sharp and Humorous

Alert, sparkling, full of wit
Potential operative, will not quit
Abstinence, frugality, nothing of desire
Sacrifice, giving of self entire

An actress with a festive mask shows off her talent and wit. She is funny. She is flamboyant.

A Cerebral Mind in a Visceral Family.

Witty, because, like the 1 of [+] her mind is full of sparks.
Entertainer, because, like the 6 of [ / ] reversed she is deceptive in a good way, like an actor pretending to be someone she isn't.

Sharp, because, like the 1 of [+] she is fast in intellect. She uses her mind. She is very smart.
Humorous, because, like the 6 of [ / ] reversed she is playful. She plays jokes. Not evil jokes, playful jokes. She teases.

1 of [+]
6 of [ / ] reversed

Varonym: [Reverse] The Boisterous Bamboozler
Proxonym: >


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