Making Stuff


Employers like employees who are resourceful. Hire the resourceful, they will never let you down!

I started cutting out shapes to use as pendants or wall hangings. My scroll saw broke, so I decided to make one myself using a standard coping saw and available materials.

Here are some of the patterns I've been cutting out.

It works great! I added rollers to keep the blade vertical.

I clamped the saw between layers of wood. I attached shower door rollers to the wood. I made tracks for the wheels from U shaped aluminum rod and encased it all in a box.

I attached springs to pull the blade back up, and a foot pedal to pull the blade down. Then I fit the whole thing into some steel legs from an old stool. I like this scroll saw better than the electric one, because I can go as fast as I want and stop on a dime without ever taking my hands off the piece.