[D1] PORTENT: The Ignorant Fool:
Card of Fortune and Fate

Voodoo trickster, trifle with fate
Spin his wheel, take his bait
Crazy fool jumps around
So much noise, yet not a sound

A mercurial nemesis is thwarting
A stupid derelict is procrastinating

With his finger up his nose, drool dripping out his mouth, disheveled hair and a hand on his crotch, this idiot seems oblivious to the evil rays of fate emanating from the blackbird hovering over him. He is not retarded, we would have to pity him for that. He is just stupid and unaware. He is a dope, a dullard, a dunce, symbolized by the dunce cap on his pointed little head.

The blackbird symbolized evil forces. The lightning strike symbolizes the randomness of fate. By being ignorant, this fool does not control his fate. He does not even try. Whatever happens, happens. He may not like what fate befalls him (like a lightning strike) but because he does nothing about it, he takes whatever comes. He is a fatalist.

But we can see that a bad fate looms. We can call out to the fool to “look behind you” but he will just look up and say “huh?” He is an idiot.

The clubbed seal shows the dangers in being too innocent and naive in the world.

1 of [--] The Slow Beginning
1 of [ / ] The Dormant State
[D1/9] The Dark Abyss

Antonym: [A1] AUSPICE: The Cognizant Genius
Transonym: [D9] NADIR: The Desolate Corpse
Varonym: [Reverse] FORTUNE: The Innocent Virgin
Proxonym: >


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