100 Questions... er, answers.

The Amazing Name Numerology Calculator is amazing, but it can't tell you everything about a person all by itself. It has its limitations. For example, it can't tell you if the person in question is Intrinsically "good" or "evil" in character. It can only tell you what form their good or evil will take. It also can't tell you which of the three inner numbers is more dominant within the mixture that makes up the character of the person in question. A few minutes of careful observation can usually determine a dominant number, but then again, some people are harder to read than others. This questionnaire is designed to determine which numbers of numerology dominate you more. The results you get may or may not match your name numbers exactly, but it's always interesting when they do. See if they do.


Print, or cut and past, so that you can indicate answers chosen. Then add up results below.

Answer every question... er, answer. Of course, these answers are all hypothetical and cover a broad spectrum of possibilities, so don't expect all of them to describe just you. You should try at all times to answer for what is MOST like you. And remember, you don't have to show anyone your answers, so you can be 100% HONEST!

Marking tip: One good technique is to mark each answer with a big fat circle that encloses the letter chosen in such a way as to keep it readable, while covering up the one above or below to it. That way, when it comes time to total things up, you are not distracted by the appearance of letters you didn't pick... you only see the ones you picked.

NOTE: If you've used this questionnaire before, copy it again. I made an important change recently that makes old copies obsolete. Also, there is a Flash version of this questionnaire that will tabulate results for you. All links should go there, but I might have missed one, so go here!

Pick only ONE! for each number ----------------------------------------------------------

01: In a group, I usually:
[ I ] - Talk more than listen
[O] - Listen more than talk

02: Some might describe me as:
[S] - Pleasant
[E] - Efficient

03: You can count on me for:
[C] - Sanity
[V] - Stability

04: Think of me as:
[E] - Responsible
[P] - Judicious

05: I am actually more:
[U] - Aware than naive
[D] - Naive than aware

06: My approach to things is usually very:
[C] - Clever
[V] - Organized

07: When someone is presenting ideas:
[L] - I prefer facts and evidence
[R] - I prefer speculation and theories

08: I would rather know:
[F] - A lot about a little
[B] - A little about a lot

09: I'm all about:
[E] - Respect
[S] - Empathy

10: I am actually more:
[U] - Animated than mellow
[D] - Mellow than animated

11: I think I am:
[S] - Talented
[V] - Ambitious

12: When interacting with people:
[ I ] - I can't get enough
[O] - A little is enough

Answer for what is MOST like you --------------------------------------------------------

13: I am actually more:
[U] - Refined than earthy
[D] - Earthy than refined

14: I try to be:
[C] - Aware
[E] - Accommodating

15: My thinking is usually:
[E] - Logical
[V] - Instinctual

16: People look to me for:
[P] - Momentum
[S] - Comfort

17: I am more of a:
[L] - Skeptic
[R] - Believer

18: It's important to have:
[F] - A strong body
[B] - A strong mind

19: When relating to people I am usually:
[E] - Diplomatic
[V] - Charming

20: I am actually more:
[U] - Sentimental than tough
[D] - Tough than sentimental

21: I would prefer to be:
[ I ] - On stage performing
[O] - Back stage assisting

22: Some might describe me as:
[V] - Driven
[C] - Alert

23: You can count on me for:
[E] - Control
[S] - Affection

24: Think of me as:
[S] - Kind
[C] - Scholarly

Pick only ONE! for each number ----------------------------------------------------------

25: I am actually more:
[U] - Traditional than adventurous
[D] - Adventurous than traditional

26: My approach to things is usually very:
[V] - Mechanical
[S] - Refined

27: It bothers me:
[L] - When people are being illogical
[R] - When people are being too logical

28: I prefer to:
[F] - Pursue
[B] - Be pursued

29: I'm all about:
[V] - Friendship
[C] - Knowledge

30: I usually dress:
[ I ] - Flamboyantly
[O] - Conservatively

31: I think I am:
[P] - Motivated
[E] - Reliable

32: When I'm around people:
[ I ] - I like to stand out
[O] - I prefer to blend in

33: I am actually more:
[U] - Formal than casual
[D] - Casual than formal

34: I try to be:
[V] - Constructive
[C] - Purposeful

35: My thinking is usually:
[V] - Practical
[C] - Intuitive

36: People look to me for:
[V] - Guidance
[P] - Stimulation

Answer for what is MOST like you --------------------------------------------------------

37: I would prefer a class in:
[L] - The factual accounts of history
[R] - The subjective appreciation of art

38: I like a good:
[F] - Sunrise
[B] - Sunset

39: When relating to people I am usually:
[V] - Assertive
[S] - Gentle

40: I am actually more:
[U] - Ordered than random
[D] - Random than ordered

41: I enjoy:
[ I ] - Working with others
[O] - Working by myself

42: Some might describe me as:
[E] - Ethical
[P] - Spirited

43: You can count on me for:
[P] - Vision
[E] - Method

44: Think of me as:
[V] - Capable
[E] - Authoritative

45: I am actually more:
[U] - Broadminded than focused
[D] - Focused than broadminded

46: My approach to things is usually very:
[S] - Meticulous
[C] - Inventive

47: In art, what's most important is:
[L] - What was intended by the artist
[R] - What is interpreted by the viewer

48: I want to know more about:
[F] - What is known
[B] - What is not known

49: I'm all about:
[S] - Kindness
[E] - Gratitude

Pick only ONE! for each number ----------------------------------------------------------

50: I prefer to know:
[L] - The definitive price
[R] - The relative value

51: I think I am:
[E] - Disciplined
[P] - Observant

52: People are usually asking me to:
[ I ] - Talk softer
[O] - Talk louder

53: I am actually more:
[U] - Willful than fatalistic
[D] - Fatalistic than willful

54: I try to be:
[S] - Graceful
[P] - Direct

55: My thinking is usually:
[C] - Intellectual
[E] - Theoretical

56: People look to me for:
[S] - Compassion
[C] - Wisdom

57: When it comes to music:
[L] - I like music with lyrics
[R] - I like music without lyrics

58: I get a bigger thrill out of:
[F] - Starting a project
[B] - Finishing a project

59: When relating to people I am usually:
[C] - Thoughtful
[P] - Enthusiastic

60: I am actually more:
[U] - Firm than flexible
[D] - Flexible than Firm

61: When a stranger sits down next to me:
[ I ] - I start a conversation
[O] - I keep to myself

Answer for what is MOST like you --------------------------------------------------------

62: Some might describe me as:
[P] - Inspired
[S] - Sensuous

63: You can count on me for:
[V] - Leadership
[P] - Excitement

64: Think of me as:
[P] - Open
[S] - Considerate

65: I am actually more:
[U] - Obvious than discrete
[D] - Discrete than obvious

66: My approach to things is usually very:
[E] - Methodical
[P] - Balanced

67: I would rather create:
[L] - A novel for a library shelf
[R] - A painting for a gallery wall

68: It's important to consider:
[F] - Where we've been
[B] - Where we're going

69: I'm all about:
[P] - Equality
[V] - Togetherness

70: It's important to study:
[F] - The cause
[B] - The effect

71: I think I am:
[V] - Strong
[C] - Smart

72: When meeting new people:
[ I ] - I'm pretty outgoing
[O] - I'm kind of reserved

73: I am actually more:
[U] - Aggressive than passive
[D] - Passive than aggressive

74: I try to be:
[E] - Cooperative
[S] - Poised

Pick only ONE! for each number ----------------------------------------------------------

75: My thinking is usually:
[P] - Objective
[S] - Imaginative

76: People look to me for:
[C] - Originality
[E] - Security

77: I think that art is more about:
[L] - The product
[R] - The process

78: I prefer to:
[F] - Send
[B] - Receive

79: When relating to people I am usually:
[S] - Sympathetic
[C] - Attentive

80: I am actually more:
[U] - Conventional than rebellious
[D] - Rebellious than conventional

81: When it comes to parties:
[ I ] - I can hardly wait to go
[O] - I don't really want to go

82: Some might describe me as:
[C] - Independent
[V] - Courageous

83: You can count on me for:
[S] - Sensitivity
[C] - Order

84: Think of me as:
[C] - Knowledgeable
[V] - Fearless

85: I am actually more:
[U] - Frugal than generous
[D] - Generous than frugal

86: My approach to things is usually very:
[P] - Obvious
[E] - Systematic

Answer for what is MOST like you --------------------------------------------------------

87: In school, I did better with:
[L] - The calculations of Algebra
[R] - The relationships of Geometry

88: I like to look for:
[F] - External patterns in nature
[B] - Internal patterns in behavior

89: I'm all about:
[C] - Intelligence
[P] - Harmony

90: I am actually more:
[U] - Neat than sloppy
[D] - Sloppy than neat

91: I think I am:
[C] - Brilliant
[S] - Creative

92: I value:
[ I ] - Interaction
[O] - Introspection

93: I am actually more:
[U] - Practical than playful
[D] - Playful than practical

94: I try to be:
[P] - Fair
[V] - Professional

95: My thinking is usually:
[S] - Realistic
[P] - Subjective

96: People look to me for:
[E] - Advice
[V] - Protection

97: I remember:
[L] - Names better than faces
[R] - Faces better than names

98: I am motivated more by:
[F] - The work
[B] - The reward

99: When relating to people I am usually:
[P] - Expressive
[E] - Polite

100: I am actually more:
[U] - Sane than crazy
[D] - Crazy than sane


You can use the circles next to each letter below to make a mark for every time you answered that way. Then put the totals at the end of each line. Then, send me the results! You don't have to send me all your answers if you don't want to, just the totals for the categories listed below, and the name that you used within The Amazing Name Numerology Calculator (which should have been your most commonly used familiar name).

[U] - OOOOO.OOOOO.OOOOO.OO =___ = Possibly more Up than Down

[D] - OOOOO.OOOOO.OOOOO.OO =___ = Possibly more Down than Up

These two totals added together should equal 17

[L] - OOOOO.OOOOO.O = ___ = Possibly more Left than Right

[R] - OOOOO.OOOOO.O = ___ = Possibly more Right than Left

These two totals added together should equal 11

[F] - OOOOO.OOOOO.O = ___ = Possibly more Front than Back

[B] - OOOOO.OOOOO.O = ___ = Possibly more Back than Front

These two totals added together should equal 11

[ I ] - OOOOO.OOOOO.O = ___ = Possibly more In than Out

[O] - OOOOO.OOOOO.O = ___ = Possibly more Out than In

These two totals added together should equal 11

[C] - OOOOO.OOOOO.OOOOO.OOOOO = ___ = character of a 1 or 9

[P] - OOOOO.OOOOO.OOOOO.OOOOO = ___ = character of a 2 or 8

[S] - OOOOO.OOOOO.OOOOO.OOOOO = ___ = character of a 3 or 7

[V] - OOOOO.OOOOO.OOOOO.OOOOO = ___ = character of a 4 or 6

[E] - OOOOO.OOOOO.OOOOO.OOOOO = ___ = character of a 5

These five totals added together should equal 50


Tie Breaker
Find your HIGHEST score from the [C], [P], [S], [V] and [E] totals above. Is there more than one letter that has the same HIGHEST score? If so, you need to use the tie breaker. Do NOT use the tie breaker to break ties between lower scores. You should only use the tie breaker if you have two or more HIGH scores that are the same. If you have two or more high scores that are the same, pick the most desirable color from the list below, but only from the categories that are tied for HIGHEST score. For example: if your highest score was the same for both the [V] and [S] categories you would pick either Orange, Blue, Green or Red. If you picked either Orange or Blue, you would write "+1" next to the [V] score. If you picked either Green or Red, you would write "+1" next to the [S] score.

[C] - Pure White
[C] - Total Black
[P] - Solar Yellow
[P] - Eerie Purple
[S] - Leafy Green
[S] - Blood Red
[V] - Fiery Orange
[V] - Royal Blue
[E] - Golden Brown
[E] - Neutral Grey


Analyze the results...

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